Tesco’s new juice range is giving ‘wonky’ fruit and veg a new lease of life

Unsaleable fruit and vegetables that would have otherwise been thrown away have been given a new lease of life thanks to Tesco, as the British supermarket giant has launched a new juice range in a bid to tackle food waste.

Having teamed up with a Spanish fruit supplier, Tesco has created Waste Not – a range of fresh cold-pressed juices made up of ‘wonky’ ingredients like celery, oranges, beetroots, strawberries and watermelons that visually fall outside produce specifications but are still perfectly edible. Genius, right?

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The products are also affordable – each 250ml bottle is being sold for just £1.50, making it cheaper than any other range of cold-pressed drinks (which involve squeezing the juice in small batches instead of heat-pasteurising it) on the market. Waste Not will be sold across the country in over 350 Tesco stores, and the supermarket aims to save approximately 3.5 tonnes of surplus/waste fruit and vegetables within the first 12 weeks of sale.

Mike Bullock of Waste Not explained: ‘Around 50% of celery is discarded in the UK, before it even gets past the farm gate, beetroot deemed too large or small is rejected.’

‘It’s the same with oranges that are “ugly” on the outside but still beautiful and juicy on the inside. What a waste! We couldn’t sit by and watch all this healthy produce be put in the bin.’

‘The solution was literally staring us in the face and Waste Not is our way of using what’s beautiful on the inside (where it matters) and sharing what tastes good, feels good and is doing good,’ he continued. ‘It’s our way of helping the planet.’

The move comes after supermarkets and suppliers were criticised for throwing away bruised but edible food on a daily basis, while the demand for food banks have been increasing across the country with thousands of consumers relying on them within the UK.

Waste Not juices are now available at Tesco.