This one change in your home could save you £70 a month

What temperature is your fridge set to? If you’re anything like us, that isn’t a question you’re able to answer off the top of your head. But according to new research, most Brits have been keeping their fridges at the wrong temperature and wasting a lot of unnecessary money every month.

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Food waste charity WRAP has revealed that half of British fridges are running at the wrong temperature, wasting around £70-worth of food every month. As confirmed by the charity’s study, 50% of us keep our fridges at around 7°C, despite the Food Standards Agency recommending they be set to a cool 0-5°C to keep food fresher for longer.

This single factor has resulted in £15 billion worth of food being thrown away in the UK every year – all of which could be avoided with the simple reset.

WRAP has also highlighted that a lot of UK families make a mistake by putting hot food in the fridge before it has cooled down – a move which increases the overall temperature of the appliance. Storing the wrong foods in the wrong part of the fridge, and failing to use a cool bag to keep foods chilled on the journey home from the supermarket are other common errors made by households across the country.

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Helen White, from WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste initiative, told HuffPost: ‘Our fridges are often too hot for our food to handle, which means that milk and other food items are going off too soon and getting thrown away.’

‘We wouldn’t chuck money in the bin, but the average UK family wastes £70 a month by wasting food that could have been eaten.’

It was recently announced that the government has earmarked £500,000 for food redistribution charities to provide six million meals to people in need. Similarly, a number of UK supermarkets have committed to helping halve the amount of food waste in the UK by September 2019.