TELL TRINNY: The secrets of my wardrobe

Many of you tell me that, despite having overflowing wardrobes and plenty of clothes, you can’t find anything to put on and have no idea what to wear. The good news is, you don’t have to as this month I’m going to help change your attitude towards your closet and make the clothes you already own more appealing to you.

Trinny Woodall wardrobe
Trinny organises her own wardrobe by colour; accessories are stored in a cupboard with compartments.

Get organised

If you arrange your wardrobe differently you will see things in a new light. First, hang as many of your clothes as possible to make them easier to see. Rediscover that wonderful jumper you’d forgotten about because it was in the back of a drawer. We tend to hang our clothes by ‘category’ – skirts, tops, trousers etc. But organising by colour could really help – it certainly inspires me. I separate pieces into red, orange, green and pink – the jewel tones – then blue, grey and white.

Trinny wardrobe

Give old items a new look

Every other Sunday I’ll put together elements of an outfit – colours and shapes – to try out new looks. When I’m happy with one, I take a picture. Then, if I wake up in not such a great mood, try the outfit on and think it looks awful, I’ll check the picture, taken when I felt great, and trust that it does look good.

Freshen up

One of my biggest indulgences is potpourri by Italian perfumier Santa Maria Novella. Its aromatic blend of leaves, buds and flower petals from the Tuscan hills doesn’t attach a fragrance to my clothes but does make my wardrobe smell gorgeously fresh. £22, 0207460 6600.

The power of a shopping pause

I’ve just finished my no-shop January, which always follows the busy Christmas period. It’s a breather that allows me to really look at what I love in my wardrobe and how I want to project myself. This year, I realised how much I rely on statement tops. They are the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe, taking me effortlessly – and stylishly – from work to play. This blouse by Sara Battaglia is expensive, but it’s an investment piece that serves a valuable purpose. Likewise, the Ganni balloon-sleeve version is standout but also works well with jeans or tailored trousers.

From left; £468 Sara Battaglia. £160 Ganni. From a selection, Giambattista Valli.

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