Susannah Taylor: ‘The apps that click with me’

In a bid to avoid yet more mental clutter, I used to shy away from downloading apps. However, there’s no denying the enormous role they now play in our lives. Lately there’s been a rise in the launch of wellness downloads, and there’s now an app to suit every need. Fancy a massage in the comfort of your home? Swipe. Worried about your teenager’s mental health? Click. Have a problem with your sex life? Scroll in secrecy. Here are the ones I rate…

Get your yoga fix without leaving the house. There’s now a wellness app to suit every need. Image: Getty Images

The PT in your pocket

Technogym is well known in fitness circles for its state-of-the-art gym equipment and it has now launched a fitness app as sleek as its workout benches. You input your weight, height, goals, preferred exercise and duration and it comes back to you with a daily fitness plan. Alternatively, pick a body area you want to focus on (abs/core or glutes) and stream a class from a wide choice of videos. One of the most comprehensive fitness apps I’ve tried. The first month is free; £7.99 per month or £74.99 per year thereafter.

The therapist finder

Sourcing a great therapist is like finding a needle in a haystack. Enter super-slick Halen which connects people and professionals with the precision of a dating app. After filling in a quick questionnaire to specify where you need help, up come therapists’ profiles and their next availability. With specialists in CBT, careers performance, nutrition, counselling and executive coaching, you can search by gender and preferred time slots before booking a video consultation. The first 30-minute session is complimentary; sessions thereafter are £99 for an hour.

The mental health lifeline

Hailed as a one-stop shop for mental health and wellbeing for teens and young adults, Hidden Strength is supported by NHS doctor and TV presenter Dr Dawn Harper and former director of Childline John Cameron OBE. There’s a My Journal area to record feelings (monitored in case a professional needs to intervene); a Chat area where users can connect with friends; a Life Ring area to access help from a free therapist 24/7, as well as a library of self-help resources. Truly brilliant, truly needed. Free.

The yoga guru

Yoga can make all the difference to your posture, muscle engagement and strength. However, with many of us learning virtually, it can be hard to monitor technique. This is where Zenia comes in. The app is packed with classes from some of the world’s best instructors (including Felix Price, supermodel Natalia Vodianova’s instructor). Where Zenia is unique is that it uses motion-tracking technology to check your pose. A window on your screen displays your movements ‒ if your pose is unaligned, red dots appear; if it’s correct they turn green. It sounds crazily futuristic, but it works. Subscriptions from £2.16 a week.

The sexpert

Geared up to improving your sex life, Ferly starts the conversation with programmes such as ‘Cultivating Desire’, ’Sex After Trauma’ and ’Fostering Body Confidence’. With advice from leading sex therapists, it includes plans to build self-confidence and sessions to develop your sexual wellbeing. All executed in a very stylish way, this is next-gen sex education without the smuttiness. Download for free, or access all the content with a lifetime membership for £399.99.

Bag this rock star

Call me woo-woo, but I love a crystal and really believe they can switch up your vibe. Emma Lucy Knowles, who is a crystal healer, clairvoyant and author, has just brought out a beautiful range of handpicked crystals. I’m particularly drawn to the beautiful rose quartz orb, £40,

Fancy a cup of sunshine?

My latest foodie discovery is Symbeeosis, which cultivates aromatic and medicinal herbs from landscapes in Greece where the biodiversity boosts the plants’ natural properties. After growing organic crops and harvesting them at their peak, Symbeeosis creates specialist teas, honeys and herbs of the highest quality and nutritional excellence. Greek Mountain Tea and Lavender, around £8,