Susannah Taylor: 12 ways to hit the gym running

After a year of Zoom workouts where you could exercise in your bra and pants if you switched your camera off, the time has come to see people exercising again in person. Gyms look set to open on 12 April (although you must remain in your household group) and fitness classes on 17 May (fingers crossed). Whether this fills you with joy or horror, it might be time to ditch the dirty joggers. Here’s what I’ll be stashing in my gym bag…

1. Super-light trainers
These are the latest version of my favourite running shoes. The clever shoe scientists at
Adidas have created prototype after prototype to make the Ultraboost 21, which are light,
responsive and ultra-cushioned. The result? Like bouncing on air.


ULTRABOOST 21 Shoes, £160, Adidas

2. A sleek vest

This clever top consists of two vests sewn together – an under layer of stretchy, stomach-covering fabric, while the top is a size bigger and just skims the body. It’s super flattering.

workout top

Double Time Seamless Gym Vest, £60, Sweaty Betty

3. Knickers that breathe

I know £42 seems a lot for three pairs of knickers, but believe me, you don’t know you need these until you’re wearing them. The softest knickers ever, they’re sweat-wicking, don’t splice you in two or ride up – and they stay put come backwards lunge or burpee.


Soft Breathable Bikini, £42 for three pairs, lululemon

4. High-waisted gym leggings

I have tried more leggings than jeans in my life and these are by far one of my favourites.
Why? They come up high so everything feels tucked in, they don’t fall or roll down in downward dog, the sweat-wicking fabric means that you don’t overheat and they are flattering on the bottom. They’re also doing a fantastic job of flattening my lockdown love handles.


Super Sculpt Sustainable High-Waisted 7/8 Yoga Leggings, £85, Sweaty Betty

5. Swimming costume that supports me

I love Perfect Moment costumes because they have in-built support for bigger breasts, while being flattering, too. I could swim 30 lengths and still feel stylish. A combination you don’t always see.

swimming costume

6. A yoga mat cleaner

I am a big fan of Tincture’s plant-based cleaning products, but new to my kitbag is this spray which contains botanical extracts and essential oils that eliminate bacteria and enhance your wellbeing.

yoga mat cleaner

Yoga mat cleaner, £1.99, Tincture London

7. A jiggle-free sports bra

Everyone wants something different from a sports bra depending on their size. I prefer a simple cropped vest that’s also supportive. Some of the best come from Nike.

sports bra

8. Natural deodorant

I have tried every natural deodorant to find one that stops you sweating and smelling. This one from Wild is my favourite, it’s aluminium-free and has recyclable packaging you can refill. Most importantly – it works.


Natural deodorant, From £12, We Are Wild

9. Go-anywhere trackies

The tracksuit bottom is the new fashion staple, but make sure you pick a style that flatters and skims the legs without adding volume. One of my favourites is this Contrast Trim Jogger from Me + Em which is tapered, soft and looks great both in crow pose and out for coffee.


Joggers, £115, Me + Em

10. Music for my ears

I am new to noise-cancelling headphones, but if you haven’t tried Apple Airpods Pro, the
sound quality is unbelievable. These work by fitting snugly in your ears, blocking out the
outside sound. They also stay put when running.


Air pods pro, £249, Apple

11. The grippiest-ever yoga mat

Not all yoga mats are made equal. Once you’ve tried a Liforme one you’ll never look back. Made from planet-friendly material, it is the grippiest mat out there. With rubber cushioning for bony bits, there are also alignment markers that genuinely make you try that bit harder.

yoga mat

Yoga mat, £100, Liforme

12. The carry-all bag

I’ve ditched my gym bag in favour of a tote. Some of my favourites are from The Jacksons,
whose jute bags are strong, aerated (great for sweaty kit) and adorned with slogans. This one is great if you’re in need of some encouragement.

tote bagYes bag, £78, The Jacksons