Shoppers are going wild for this 98p Jo Malone London dupe at Superdrug

Jo Malone London is one of the most well-known and popular fragrance houses around today, with favourites including Pomegranate Noir, Blackberry & Bay, and Wood, Sage & Sea Salt. But picking up a Jo Malone London scent is a real treat due to its high-end price tag; a small 30ml bottle is £50, while the 100ml is £100. If you’re after something with a friendlier price for everyday wear in-between, there are actually plenty of dupes out there that have similar fragrance notes. 

For example, Superdrug has just released a thrifty dupe to Jo Malone London’s Lime, Basil, and Mandarin; the award-winning scent that’s zesty, herby, and fruity in equal measure. Fans love this classic, but as mentioned, it doesn’t come cheap. Superdrug’s Mandarin & Lime Basil perfume is great if you’re saving up for the real deal, and want to get similar vibes in the meantime. 

Jo Malone London

Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne, £50, Jo Malone London 

Its main draw is its super affordable price tag; at under £1, it’s quite literally a steal and one that you could easily buy several of to stock up, without feeling any real effect on your bank balance. The fragrance has been so popular, it’s already sold out in its original 50ml size, but it’s still around in the 10ml travel size, which is ideal for throwing in your bag or keeping one in every room!

As well as being super purse-friendly, it has also been designed for vegans and vegetarians, as it’s totally cruelty-free, giving it an extra edge. 


Superdrug Bloom Mandarin & Lime Basil EDT 10ml, £0.98, Superdrug 

Fans in the comments have been praising the scent for its cruelty-free accolade, as well as its similarity to the original Jo Malone scent. One reviewer even declared it was, “just like the Jo Malone version.” 

If you’d like to give the Superdrug Jo Malone London dupe a try, we would recommend snapping it up soon as different sizes have already sold through; it really is that popular!