These are the five sunniest spots in the UK for late summer staycations

Contending with the weather currently is a real challenge. One minute it’s sunny; the next, rain is falling and picking what to wear each day is a total nightmare. What’s more, if you fancy booking a staycation in the coming weeks, it can be a minefield to pick an appropriate week where you can trust it will be dry and sunny. Luckily however, a new study has revealed which are the five sunniest spots for a UK staycation, meaning they’re worth betting on.

The Uswitch Sunny Staycations campaign determined that there are five top spots to visit in August for pretty much guaranteed sunshine. Along with the temperature, they assessed average rainfall in mm to come up with their list, which sees Gloucestershire in the top spot.

With 63.50mm of rainfall and an average August temperature of 21.5 degrees Celsius, you can trust that Gloucestershire will be pretty much a done deal for pleasant climates. If you’re thinking of a staycation there, Ross-On-Wye is a great option which features plenty of nature and greenery.

Ross on wye
Ross on Wye. Getty Images

Second in the list is Sussex, which has 54.75mm of rain on average in August, and an average temperature of 20.87 degrees. Known for its glorious beaches and sunsets, Eastbourne is a top choice within Sussex, especially if you’re intent on being by the sea.

Eastbourne. Getty Images

In third place is Yorkshire, with an average temperature of 19.55 degrees, and average rainfall of 71.28mm. There are plenty of destinations within Yorkshire that would make for a top notch staycay, whatever you fancy.

Also in the top five were Loch Lomond and Whitby.

The full list of the sunniest staycation spots

  1. Gloucestershire: Av temp 21.50 degrees, Av rainfall 63.50mm
  2. Sussex: Av temp 20.87 degrees, Av rainfall 54.75mm
  3. Yorkshire: Av temp 19.55 degrees, Av rainfall 71.28mm
  4. Loch Lomond: Av temp 19.17 degrees, Av rainfall 89.28mm
  5. Whitby: Av temp 19.06 degrees, Av rainfall 56.57mm

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