Why Ben & Jerry’s say you should store your ice cream upside down

If there’s one thing those guys at Ben & Jerry’s know, it’s ice cream. From inventing the tastiest flavour concotions to nailing the best cookie dough pieces, what these guys don’t know about ice cream isn’t worth knowing at all.

So when they spoke up about how best to store ice cream in the freezer, we listened – and their suggestions are as crazy as some of their flavour combos (hello salty crisps-spiked ice cream). As always though, they have very good reasons behind them.

ice cream
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So we’re not sure who they are, but apparently there are people out there who manage to stop eating the whole tub of ice cream in one go and put it back in the freezer? Yeah, we weren’t aware this was an option either, but if you are one of these people, these tips are for you (and this goes for all ice cream, FYI).

When you put ice cream that’s started to melt back in the freezer, it can become subject to freezer burn, which is the technical term for those ice crystals you see lurking on top of your ice cream. While it’s not bad for you to eat freezer burnt ice cream, it does diminish the quality. It happens when moisture leaves the ice cream, mixes with the moist ambient air and refreezes on the ice cream’s surface, thus creating an icy, crunchy layer on top.

ice cream in freezer
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To avoid this happening, Ben & Jerry’s suggest a few tips on their website, including storing the tub upside down. It might seem crazy (and potentially a bit messy – secure that lid tightly!), but flipping the tub on its lid in the freezer causes the ‘melted ice cream to drip onto the lid where it has less chance of ruining the still-cold portion.’

ice cream upside down
Ben & Jerry’s

Other suggestions include laying parchment paper or cling film flat over the ice cream’s surface within the tub (this ensures minimum air exposure), keeping your tub in the back of the freezer where it’s coldest (so warm air can’t  invade your ice cream every time you open the door an dour personal favourite, just eating the whole thing in one sitting.

The more you know…