Live ‘la dolce vita’ with Skye McAlpine’s new tableware range Tavola

With previous collaborations we’ve all drooled over, it was only a matter of time until Skye McAlpine chose to bring out her own charming range of inspirational tableware and simple everyday pieces – welcoming Tavola. Interiors Coordinator Charlotte Page (@stylingyourhome) chats to Skye to find out everything you need to know.

Ske McAlpine
Colin Dutton

Thank you for chatting with us today Skye – YOU couldn’t be more excited about your new venture Tavola, can you tell us a little bit more about how the initial idea came about?

It’s something I’ve been dreaming about for years. I love to cook and have friends over – basically sitting with friends and the people I love round the dining table is my happiest place to be. The table setting is a huge part of creating that sense of dolce vita, that sense of occasion but also that feeling of cosiness and making things feel warm and welcoming. I’ve been collecting tableware for years – mostly vintage – and obsessing over it: the plate that is just the right size, bright enough to look striking on the table, but not so intensely colored that it takes away from the food; glasses just the right height so they don’t overshadow your plate, and so on and so forth… I’m obsessed with this stuff and spend so much time thinking about what makes for the perfect thing.


Can you tell us the inspiration behind Tavola?

Tavola is all about making those simple moments in our daily lives feel a little bit more special, adding that touch of ‘la dolce vita‘ to your everyday. The real inspirations for the range are long lunches with friends, holiday parties, dinner parties, celebrations and cosy weeknight suppers – those happy precious moments that you want to hold on to and have more of. I wanted to create a range that felt joyful and a little bit dreamy, but also practical and useful and that fills the gaps that I have in my own collection – you know, the things that I wish I had and can never find.

Your collection features so many great products, from plates to glasses and gravy boats to a beautiful jar for honey. How did you decide what pieces would be a part of the collection?

I basically thought about what I need to lay the table and make it feel special, then worked from there. I added in a few finishing touches: for example, it feels so luxurious to have proper hand towels in the bathroom for guests when they come over. It’s a small touch, but it makes a big difference. So we’ve done some really beautiful white linen hand towels with a scalloped edge and delicate hand embroidery as part of the range – I really love them. My tables are never matching: so everything is a bit of a mix, the idea is that you build a collection over time, filling it with things that you love and layering it with your own memories, making the table feel your own.

toast plate

The products themselves are made by craftsmen in Italy and the UK, how important is this to you and Tavola as a brand?

It’s a huge part of what I love about the pieces in this collection. The fact that they’ve been so lovingly and beautifully hand-crafted for me is a big part of what makes them so special. I also feel really excited to celebrate the craftsmanship that I grew up with in Venice – when you watch the masters blow glass it’s really quite something.

Your previous collaborations with Anthropologie and Papier were such great successes, would you say that being a part of those helped when creating Tavola?

Definitely, both collaborations have been such a joy to work on and I feel incredibly lucky to have partnered with brands that I admire so much for my first ventures into product design and retail. It also gave me the confidence to try and chase after my own dreams and take the first steps with Tavola.


We would love to know which three pieces are your absolute favourite and why?

Oh my goodness, that’s like choosing a favourite child! I love the sauciere – it just makes me smile and feel happy whenever I look at it. I’ve been looking for the perfect guest hand towels forever so I feel especially pleased with those. And the apron skirt that we’ve made in collaboration with Coco & Wolf is basically my apron of dreams.

We would love to know more about the future for Tavola, have you got new collections and pieces in the pipeline?

Absolutely! This is just the first drop and there’s more to come next year… Lots more!

To get your hands on some of Skye’s pieces, shop the full range online at

Interview by Charlotte Page