This website helps you find affordable dupes of your favourite high-end skin care

With the rise of ‘skinfluencers’ and our love of high-end, performance-led skincare, it’s easy to see how spending a great deal of money on products has become the norm. Many of us may not even bat an eyelid now when someone mentions spending £50+ on a serum, moisturiser, or mask, and shopping from expensive brands has almost become a badge of honour. 


But here’s the thing: many high-end products have far more affordable dupes that contain a very similar ingredients list and are made up in very similar ways. These cheaper alternatives are often just as impressive as their expensive counterparts, and prove you don’t always have to spend a huge proportion of your hard earned cash on your skincare regime. 

And now a new website has made it easier than ever to find the perfect affordable dupe for your favourite skincare. Skinskool allows you to search the name of your favourite products (most notably those that cost you most), and it will then create a list for you of highly similar formulas, usually for less. 

It works by analysing the ingredients lists of other products from cheaper brands, and giving you a percentage score of how similar the two are in regards to what they actually contain. 


So for example, when searching a very expensive skincare product such as Dr Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum (a celebrity favourite that costs an eye-watering £235), the website provides you with a selection of hyaluronic acid products that are most like your favourite. In this case, the top pick is the Exuviance – Anti-Pollution Protection Essence, which has a 92% match, and is a fraction of the price at £40. The Inkey List’s Hyaluronic Acid is also in the top three, with a 82% match, and an even cheaper £5.99 price tag. 

The only issue with the website so far (after some playing around with it ourselves), is that the search tool could use some work, and may be experiencing some teething problems. It doesn’t always recognise your search, but the product is usually still on the website, it just takes a little extra searching to get there. 

Regardless, it’s a seriously impressive invention we will most definitely be using.