These clever hacks could save you up to £287 on your winter heating bills

Keeping our winter heating costs as low as possible has always been a priority. But thanks to the unpredictable rollercoaster that’s been 2020, many of us are facing unprecedented financial challenges, as well as spending more time in our homes than ever before – so any small changes that we can make have suddenly become even more important than ever.

save money on heating winter
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One of the places we tend to feel the cold the most is in our bedrooms – in fact, online searches for ‘warm the bedroom’ increased by 132 per cent last month as temperatures continue to drop. So to help us all to simultaneously stay toasty and save as many pennies as we can, the experts at Mattress Online have come up with a list of 10 handy hacks that will make your bedroom a warm and comfortable haven, rather than a crafty nightmare that you struggle to insulate.

save money on heating winter
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Here are the tricks they suggest, along with how much they’ll cost you to implement. Some of them are even free!

10 ways to save money on your heating bills

1. Use tin foil to line windows – 65p

This prevents heat from escaping through the windows and more effectively insulates the space for when you’re ready to sleep at night.

2. Blow dry your bed sheets just before getting into them – Free

It’s obvious, but if you give your sheets a quick warming blast before climbing in, you may be able to resist the urge to crank the heating up. Just be sure to switch off and stow the dryer away safely before you nod off.

3. Fit a floating shelf above your radiator to keep heat circulating – £8

‘You can fit the shelf above your radiator, which will help to deflect the heat around the bedroom, meaning it won’t rise to the ceiling and get wasted,’ the team explains. It doesn’t have to an expensive shelf, any basic style will do.

4. ‘Double-glaze’ windows with bubble wrap – £2.11

Similar to the tin foil trick, although slightly more intrusive visually, so it depends how much you mind this. Mattress Online recommends spraying water on the window and sticking bubble side down – apparently this tip can prevent heat loss by up to 50 per cent if you have single glazing.

5. Keep your curtains open until 3pm – Free

Keeping your curtains closed may seem like it’s keeping heat in, but it reality it only prevents the sunlight from naturally warming the space. Once the sun has set at around 3-4pm, feel free to draw them.

6. Insulate your floor with a rug – £20

Wooden floors are undoubtedly chic, but according to the National Energy Foundation, you lose up to 10 per cent of heat with an uninsulated floor. Adding an affordable rug from a retailer like Ikea, Dunelm or Wayfair is a cheap and easy fix.

7. Seal a drafty door with a bath towel – Free

Roll up a bath sheet and tuck it along the bottom of any door where there’s a breeze to slow down the flow of heat.

8. Add a fleece blanket on top of bedding – £11

Another great excuse to invest in some new homeware – fleece is one of the warmest synthetic materials because the structure of its fibres help to trap warm air and keep the heat in.

9. Rearrange your bedroom to keep your bed away from the window – Free

If you’ve tried the towel trick and cold draughts are still keeping you awake, try reshuffling your furniture so your bed isn’t so close to the glass. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this can make.

10. Add extra cosiness with a higher tog duvet – £34

If you don’t switch your duvet with the seasons, you could be doing yourself a disservice. A 13.5 tog rating is the snuggliest option for the cold months, and can be picked up relatively affordably at larger supermarkets.

While they’re suggested for the bedroom specifically, many of these tips can be applied across your home to minimise the number of hours you need to have the radiators turned up to their hottest setting.

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Research conducted earlier this year suggests that 24 per cent of us leave the heating on accidentally, or as a force of habit. In fact, Mattress Online reports that the cost of this equates to £3.12 per night, or £287.04 throughout the course of a chilly winter.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to track down some bubble wrap.