Sally Brompton horoscopes: 11th-17th January

YOU’s resident astrologer Sally Brompton reveals your horoscope for 11th-17th January 2021. So, what does the week have in store?

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuarySCORPIO

24 Oct-22 Nov

Try to limit the time you spend on work this week and focus on the things that make you happy. This should be one of the best times of the year socially, if only remotely. Don’t waste time bemoaning what you’re losing out on – there’s still fun to be had.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuarySAGITTARIUS

23 Nov-21 Dec

With the cosmic focus now on money, what happens next will delight or dismay you, depending on whether you gain or lose. It’s more likely to be the former if you let things develop at their own pace rather than try to push them along too fast.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryCAPRICORN

22 Dec-20 Jan

Success is on its way no matter how often you have failed, so don’t give up. This week’s New Moon in your sign makes this the perfect time to start something new, personally or professionally, so get sorted and get working on something important to you.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryAQUARIUS

21 Jan-19 Feb

Whatever occurs this week stay calm. That may sound ominous but nothing bad will happen – it’s just that you’re likely to overreact to events that at other times would leave you unmoved. Your fears are only as big as you allow them to be.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryPISCES

20 Feb-20 March

Someone will drop a subtle hint this week that they expect you to ride to the rescue and get them out of trouble. Being the gallant sort you’ll no doubt do so but make sure they know you’re doing them a one-off favour. After that they’re on their own.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryARIES

21 March-20 April

A midheaven New Moon makes this the perfect time to make your mark on the work front. don’t wait for others to give you permission, take the initiative and start the ball rolling. Employers and senior colleagues will be mightily impressed.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryTAURUS

21 April-21 May

A problem causing you sleepless nights can be resolved quite easily this week, but only if you view it from a radically different perspective. The old ways of doing things are clearly not working so use your imagination to find new methods to get the job done.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryGEMINI

22 May-21 June

Focus only on the good things in your life this week. If you start dwelling on the bad things you’ll sink into despair. If you don’t like what you see on an everyday level, stand back and look at your life as a whole. Believe it or not you are doing OK.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryCANCER

22 June-23 July

The Capricorn New Moon will make those you live or work with a bit emotional so don’t expect too much by way of logic or common sense. And don’t waste time trying to explain to them why they’re doing things wrong – they won’t want to understand.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryLEO

24 July-23 Aug

This week’s New Moon will give you the energy you need to get things done. It will also encourage you to improve your lifestyle, maybe take more exercise, change your diet. Work and wellbeing are closely linked – if you work too hard your health will suffer.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryVIRGO

24 Aug-23 Sept

Helpful cosmic activity in Capricorn marks an end to thinking and planning: now the time has come to act. No matter how laid-back you happen to be you’ll find the drive and passion to seize the initiative and show the world you can be a self-starter too.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 3rd-9th FebruaryLIBRA

24 Sept-23 Oct

Stay on good terms with loved ones this week as they’ll be unlikely to help you out next weekend if you’ve recently had words. Ignore their grumbling and efforts at coercion and resist the urge to answer back – it will only make matters worse.