Edwina Ings-Chambers: Revolution’s new skincare range with Sali Hughes

I’m really loving Sali Hughes’ pared-back new range – and I know you will too.

When I sat down to talk skincare recently with the triple threat – journalist, author and influencer – that is Sali Hughes (below), it turned out that we were two women singing from the same hymn sheet.

sali hughes x revolution

‘It’s got to the point where I think people are mad with confusion,’ Sali says. ‘“Can I use this with this? Why is my skin freaking out?” are questions I’m asked all the time. Women are having to turn their bathrooms into science labs to whip up their skincare. It’s like going to a lovely restaurant, ordering dinner, and the waiter dumping a load of produce on your table.’

daily exfoliant

Skincare brand Revolution approached Sali during lockdown and asked if she’d like to collaborate on a new range (she was already a vocal fan). Once the brand agreed to her non-negotiables (it would have to be affordable, friendly, accessible, vegan and made in the UK), she started work on it.

morning cleanser

Launching this Thursday, it’s excellent – and makes a daily routine simple and effective for all, no matter your age or sex. These are products formulated to include all the ingredients you need: hydrating hyaluronic acid, brightening vitamin C, all round do-gooder niacinamide and more. There’s a small amount of fragrance, but it’s synthetic (so no possibly troublesome essential oils) and used well below any potential irritation levels; it’s designed to ‘smell like a posh spa’.

rich moisturiser

There is no SPF or retinol here (if you want those, go to a brand that specialises in them, says Sali). And if you’re an acne sufferer she suggests this is not the range for you (‘you should be with a pharmaceutical brand’).

daily serum

Otherwise, there’s a morning cleanser (Clean Sheet, £10) and an evening one for added make-up removal power (Butterclean, £15), a daily liquid exfoliant (Placid 5 Acid, £14), and a vitamin C serum (Must-C, £15) for morning and evening. If you use retinol at night, ditch the vitamin C at bedtime and opt for a moisturising cream (Cream Drench, £14). Sali’s range is available at revolutionbeauty.com.