Sainsbury’s own £16 gin has been crowned the best supermarket bottle

It turns out you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the crème de la crème of gins – all you have to do is pop down to your local Sainsbury’s. That’s right, the popular supermarket has been rewarded for housing the best bottle of gin by consumer group, Which?

Sainsbury’s own brand gin came out on top in a blind taste test conducted by an expert panel at Which?, beating 10 other premium supermarket own-label and big brand gins priced at under £20 to the title.

Sainsbury's gin

Taste the Difference Blackfriars Gin, £16, Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Blackfriars Gin was a clear stand out, scoring an impressive 83 percent. In fact, the affordable gin was praised for its ‘exuberant aroma and freshness’ as well as its ‘complexity and balance.’

The top five spots where dominated by supermarket gins, with only one name-brand gin featuring –  the Tanqueray Dry Gin (£18) which came in at a close joint second with Asda’s Special Triple Distilled Premium Gin (£16), both receiving 75% of votes. Tanquerary was described as  ‘fantastically zesty’ while boasting a ‘big, juniper aroma.’

Others on the list included Lidl’s Hortus Original London Dry Gin priced at £16 which won 74 percent of votes and M&S London Gin sold at £15 with 71 percent.


Tanqueray London Gin, £25.50, Ocado

According to Which?, the worst gin of the lot was Aldi’s £14 Topaz Blue Gin which was awarded a score of just 51 percent. This was because the experts on the panel agreed that the gin was simply ‘too weak to stand out from the tonic’. However, this may come as a surprise for fellow Aldi lovers who like us have had zero complaints about the budget supermarket’s range of affordable (and delicious) alcohol.

Commenting on the popularity of gin within the UK, Harry Rose, editor of Which? magazine, said:’With sales of gin rocketing and shoppers facing more choice than ever, it’s good news for gin-lovers that our expert test has found some excellent high street contenders that don’t cost a fortune,’

‘Well-known brands are being challenged by a range of impressive supermarket offerings, showing how strong the demand for gin is now.’