Sainsbury’s Christmas food for 2020 includes mince pie cereal and a festive sausage dog cake

In the immortal words of Slade, it’s Christmasssss! Or at very least, Christmas is approaching at quite the rapid speed, meaning that we’re all starting to imagine what 25th December might look like this year in the face of the unpredictable rollercoaster that has been 2020.

The most reliable aspect of the festivities, however, is always the food, and this year the supermarkets are doing their best to lift our spirits with some of their most creative and delicious innovations thus far. And if Sainsbury’s Christmas food offering for 2020 is anything to go by, they’ve done a cracking job.

Sainsbury's Christmas food 2020

The store with the orange logo really has thought of everything, from turkey and the trimmings to all of the sweet treats you could dream of and even the Christmas Day breakfast spread. And while our parties may be limited in numbers, we’ll take any excuse to eat canapés, especially when they include delights like sweet chilli cauliflower bites and dim sum aplenty.

There’s also tons of plant-based vegan options, cute edible gifts to give to your secret Santa and of course, a selection of tipples to toast the season in style. Here’s the highlights of the Sainsbury’s 2020 Christmas food offering – we challenge you to scroll to the end of this page without feeling seriously hungry.

Sainsbury’s Christmas food 2020: What you’ll find on the shelves this December

The breakfast

Sainsbury's Christmas breakfast

Mince Pie Filled Wheats, £2

Gingerbread Porridge Sachets, £1.25

Cranberry, Cinnamon and White Chocolate Granola, £2

Taste the Difference Bucks Fizz Marmalade, £1.50

Yes, Sainsbury’s has really thought about getting us through the entire day this year, with a spread that spans Gingerbread Porridge Sachets, Cranberry, Cinnamon and White Chocolate Granola, Bucks’ Fizz Marmalade to spread on your toast and even Mince Pie Filled Wheats.

The main event


Scottish Smoked Salmon Terrines, £14

Kick off the proceedings with individual smoked salmon terrines, made from a blend of steamed and honey roast salmon topped with Scottish smoked salmon and decorated with cream cheese, dill and pink peppercorns.

Sainsbury's Christmas turkey 2020

Taste the Difference Free-Range Whole Bronze Turkey, from £35

The range of turkeys this year at Sainsbury’s is vast, starting from £35 for a 4-4.99kg bird.

sainsbury's porchetta

British Outdoor Bred Pork Porchetta, £18

However, if you fancy something a little different, this rolled pork belly joint delivers on tenderness, succulence and flavour, handrolled with garlic, lemon & herb stuffing.

Sainsbury's beef wellington

Taste The Difference Beef Wellington, £45

Another tasty alternative comes in the form of this beef wellington, with 21 day matured beef fillet with layers of chicken liver pâté and mushroom, wrapped in a flaky all butter puff pastry.


Pork Sage and Onion Stuffing Wreath, £10

A pork, sage and onion stuffing wreath with pigs in blankets and decorative cranberries and rosemary – both of your favourite sides in one.

Sainsbury's vegan Christmas food 2020

Plant Pioneers No Beef Wellington, £6

Plant Pioneers Potato Dauphinoise, £2.50

by Sainsbury’s Mushroom and Chestnut Roast, £3

There’s absolutely no excuse not to wow any vegan guests or family members this year, with a spread that uses clever swaps like vegan puff pastry and soy milk sauce.

plant pioneers no turkey parcels

Plant Pioneers No Turkey Parcels, £6

For an even more traditional plant-based take on Christmas Day dinner, try the No Turkey Parcels, with turkey-flavoured seitan, rich sage and onion stuffing and even a turkey ‘vacon’ rasher.

The sweet stuff

Sainsburys Tiramichoux

Taste the Difference Tiramichoux, £12 (serves 8)

The lovechild of tiramisu and profiteroles – how did someone not think of this sooner?! It’s a blend of coffee-soaked sponge and Marsala & mascarpone mousse with pockets of rich Belgian chocolate mousse, topped with cream-filled profiteroles, Belgian chocolate sauce and bittersweet dark chocolate shavings.

Sainsbury's yule dog cake

Yule Dog, £8

Could we finally have a contender for Christmas Colin? This yule log-inspired festive pup is created with a soft and light chocolate sponge cake rolled in milk chocolate buttercream and covered in a smooth milk chocolate.

Sainsbury's chocolate raspberry dome

Belgian White Chocolate and Raspberry Snow Dome, £12

Filled with layers of luscious raspberry compote and sweet raspberry mousse in a crisp white chocolate and feuilletine shell – we can’t wait to crack it open.

Sainsbury's chocolate star dessert

Plant Pioneers Chocolate & Salted Caramel Star, £8 (serves 5)

A dairy-free alternative consisting of a rich and smooth panna cotta style dessert made with rich Belgian dark chocolate and caramel sauce.

Sainsbury's Christmas tree cheesecake

Christmas Tree Cheesecake, £6

A digestive biscuit base layered with baked chocolate chunk cheesecake, chocolate fudge topping and silver lustred white chocolate curls.

Sainsbury's chocolate penguin

by Sainsbury’s Chilly the Penguin, £4 and Cocoa & Co Belgian Chocolate Kitten, £5

The sweetest addition to a Christmas stocking! Chilly is decorated with white and dark chocolate and a fluffy marshmallow belly, while the kitten is showered in a decadent silver shimmer for an added touch of luxe.

Sainsburys Festive Mug Hanging Gingerbread

Festive Mug Hanging Gingerbread, £2

Another great addition to a stocking or Christmas Eve box – and one that will go perfectly with the store’s new orange hot chocolate.

The party food

Sainsbury's asian canapes

Taste the Difference Prawn and Vegetable Dim Sum and Bao Bun selection pack, £4

Taste the Difference Pink Prawn Roses, £4

Taste the Difference Vegetable Tempura Dipped in Crisp Tempura, £4

These Asian-inspired canapés will take your tastebuds on an adventure – if you can bear to eat them that is, as they’re almost too pretty to tuck into (particularly the prawn roses).

Sainsbury's vegan canapes

Plant Pioneers No Pork Belly Bites, £4

by Sainsbury’s Sweet & Smoky BBQ Jackfruit Bao Buns, £3.30

by Sainsbury’s Sweet Chilli Cauliflower Bites, £3

Plant Pioneers No Fish and Chips, £4

Remember what we said about vegans not missing out this year? This is further evidence, as everything you see is totally plant-based.

Sainsbury's mushroom & Brie tear and share

Taste the Difference Mushroom, Brie & Truffle Tear & Share, £6.50

A velvety filling of mushrooms and mellow French brie, enriched with black truffle sauce, encased in buttery puff pastry sprinkled with nutty-tasting mixed seeds for extra flavour and crunch.

Sainsbury's pork cranberry garland

Pork and Cranberry Garland, £6.50

Far more impressive than your standard sausage roll – the pork sausage meat is delicately seasoned with a blend of spices and mixed with sweet cranberries, before being encased in a butter-enriched puff pastry and topped with poppy seeds.

Sainsbury's cheese Christmas tree

by Sainsbury’s Cheese Star Tower, £5

A cheeseboard is all well and good, but nothing will express like a tree-shaped tower. Serve with your favourite crackers and a great chutney.

The drinks

Sainsbury's Christmas drinks

Taste the Difference Winter Berry & Clementine Gin, £17

by Sainsbury’s Non-Alcoholic Merry Berry Mulled Punch, £2.50

Taste the Difference Chablis Vielles Vignes 2018, £15

Whether you’re drinking or not, there’s something delicious to sip at Sainsbury’s this year. The Berry & Clementine gin is bursting with flavours of fresh fruits, juniper, ginger and winter spice – ideal for Christmas cocktails – while the Chablis is a great opener for your Christmas Day meal. The non-alcoholic mulled punch, meanwhile, has all of the traditional flavours, no alcohol required.

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