Ruth Langsford is using this £3 shampoo to keep her blonde bright during lockdown

We’ve all been separated from our beloved hairdressers for months now, but This Morning‘s Ruth Lansford’s blonde hair is still looking great. So what’s her secret?

Well, thankfully for the rest of us and our increasingly evident roots, the star just took to Instagram to reveal the product that’s been keeping her locks looking fresh, and it’s a purse-friendly product you can order on Amazon.

Ruth Langsford
Rex Features

‘A few people have been saying, oh Ruth, have you been secretly having your roots done?’ she explained in a video on Instagram, before pulling back her fringe to show her regrowth.

‘Er no, look at them, look at this, look how dark. If I’d been having my roots done by a hairdresser I’d be asking for my money back, so I absolutely haven’t. I had it done just before lockdown, fortunately, but the dark’s coming through a lot,’ she continued.

However, in the caption, Ruth added that she has been using a brightening shampoo for blonde hair a couple of times a week, and it seems to be making all the difference.

The formula she swears by? PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo, a budget beauty buy that’s designed to keep blonde, platinum, white or grey hair looking bright  but not brassy, using some pretty clever colour wheel science.

The shampoo itself is purple, and so works to counteract and neutralise tones at the other end of the spectrum, like orange and yellow. The result is a well-blended, balanced blonde gives a new lease of life to dull or grown-out dye. While it won’t disguise your roots completely, it’ll go a long way to restoring your hair to its just-left-the-salon glory.

PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo

PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo, £3.05, Amazon

Ruth’s not alone in her love for the magic formula: ‘I always use that on my hair it’s great,’ one fan commented on her post, while another agreed: ‘It’s the best and it’s not expensive ??’.

In fact, an 150ml bottle of the product will set you back just £3.05 on Amazon – a small price to pay for highlights as crisp as Ruth’s, in our book!