RuPaul has been announced as the host of an ITV show

Gather round RuPaul fans – we have great news. Mama Ru has been announced as the host of an ITV game show, and we cannot wait to see our favourite queen take on a new challenge.

RuPaul will be at the helm of Celebrity Lingo – a spin-off of the popular quiz show Lingo, which is hosted by Adil Ray. The fast-paced word game has been described as a cross between Wordle and bingo, with two contestants competing against each other in order to win the prize money.

RuPaul Lingo

While Ackerly Road actor Adil Ray will continue to present the main show on a weekday afternoon, Ru’s celebrity spin-off will get a prime time ITV slot, and plenty of famous faces to boot.

Seven episodes of the show have been confirmed to air this autumn, and while we’re yet to discover which celebrities will appear on the show, we’re sure Ru has plenty of famous connections to make the programme pop (Michelle Visage has to make an appearance, surely!)

‘Now, more than ever before, people want to have fun, and Celebrity Lingo is here to serve it up generously,’ Ru said in a statement.

Ru was recently announced as the host of the standard version of Lingo in the US as well. Given that Drag Race seems to have an iteration for every country in the world, plus spin-off versions such as the all-star competitions, we can only assume Ru never sleeps, but we’re totally enjoying the results of the graft.