This interiors trend on Instagram may help you save on your heating bill

While the weather is set to warm up slightly in the coming weeks, you just never know when another cold spike is due to hit. The past few weeks have been — quite literally — freezing, and although we enjoy our winter walks outside, there’s nothing quite like getting home to a super warm, cosy home. 

The problem is that so many homes are both hard and expensive to effectively heat — especially during November-February, which are typically the coldest months in the UK. This can be especially true in rented homes that are perhaps not as insulated or energy efficient, along with larger homes that take a whole lot of power to heat. 

However according to Ideal Home, one expert believes an easy fix to warmer surroundings is the very trendy technique of rug layering. Not only do lots of rugs look great around the house and give any space more of a homely feel, they also can help to insulate floors and stop you from getting such cold feet. 

‘For those with wooden floors, rugs will keep your feet warm when walking around and piling several rugs on top of each other, particularly those of natural fibres and vintage patterns can add some cottagecore-inspired flair,’ says Interior design expert Jenny Warrington from the Little House Shop.

The truth of the matter is, rug layering is more simple than you would think. It involves — as its name suggests — displaying rugs on top of one another to create unique patterns in its layers. At the heart of the trend is more of a laid back, bohemian approach to home styling, meaning you don’t have to be afraid to clash prints, mix it up with different sizes, and try lots of positions. 

If you are a little nervous however about trying the trend out, we suggest starting with a larger plain rug underneath, and layering it up with a patterned or shaggy option on top. 

While some rugs can be rather expensive, we suggest looking at places such as Dunelm and Next, who tend to stock more affordable offerings, making them ideal for the layering trend where you’ll need to buy more than one.