This is the bra colour you should wear under white T-shirts (and it’s not what you think)

Let’s face it, the conundrum of what colour bra is actually the most ‘invisible’ under white clothing has confused us for years. It’s always the way that come summer, when lighter colours and fabrics are du jour, we come up against the same dilemma of trying to find the best bra and top combinations, often failing to get it just right.

white T shirt street style
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In theory, a white bra under a white top seems like the obvious choice, but experience has taught us that a bright white hue practically glows under any white T-shirt, blouse or shirt.

The next go-to shade is often a nude tone, but considering how inconsistently these can match up with actual real life skin tones, this can be tricky territory also, and can end up highlighting your underwear more than disguising it.

white t shirt street style
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Black also can have a habit of showing up under white, so what colour really is the best? Does it even exist at all?

Yes, it does, and the answer might surprise you. Many people find that red is in fact the most ‘invisible’ colour when worn under a white top, especially for pink and darker skin tones. Apparently, when under white, red absorbs light in a way that makes it blend with the colour of your skin rather than reflect it. Deep reds with blue undertones or ones that lean more towards burgundy work better, rather than bright reds with orange or pink undertones.

And when it comes tight-fitting T-shirts or anything thin or sheer, we’d always suggest a smooth T-shirt bra over anything lacy or detailed to avoid lumps and bumps showing through.

Now we know that, we’ve rounded up our pick of some the best red bras for wearing under white tops to get you started. Bra shopping will never be the same again.

Red bras to wear under your favourite white T-shirts

Perfect Fit Lace Push-Up Bra AA-E, £25, M&S

Mollie plunge bra – Strawberry, £26, Boux Avenue

Lisca ‘Evelyn’ Underwired T-Shirt Bra, £32.80 (was £41), Debenhams

Curvy Kate Daily lingerie set in flame red, £14.40, ASOS

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