This is why rainbows are appearing in people’s windows across the country

Who doesn’t feel utterly joyous on spotting a rainbow? Spying one in the sky can put a smile on your face on a normal day, so in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic they’re a surefire way to inject a bit of happiness and joy into your daily outdoor exercise or walk to the shop.

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Normally you need rain to create a rainbow, but not this time (although you could say the current pandemic and nationwide lockdown measures are the metaphorical rain) – as people are putting pictures of rainbows in their front windows to cheer up passers by.

The trend started in Italy and Spain, countries that have been in lockdown for longer than the UK, but now we’re in a similar situation, the people of Britain are adopting the trend to spread joy over here, too. Schoolchildren have fuelled the trend, as their teachers are recommending they create ‘window rainbows’ as an alternative at-home art class activity.

rainbow on wall
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A spokesman for Grange First School in Newcastle told the BBC: ‘We are hoping to spread our cheerful windows campaign as wide as possible.’ They added: ‘Signs are going up in windows all over our area and beyond and will really help maintain morale for children (and families) in these difficult times.’

One parent, Angela Ruthven, whose son Harrison made a rainbow, told the BBC it was ‘a truly wonderful idea while we are all facing such worries with our health, our jobs and children’s education.’

She noted: ‘It’s bringing families together at home to create a rainbow, making people smile if they are spotted in windows. It’s bringing our wonderful school and even the world together… It’s showing that we are all in this together.’

rainbow on wall
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From drawing and painting to collaging and even painting directly onto the window itself, people are getting creative all over the country, and the world, to spread the message of joy and hope that rainbows can bring. Some have even added slogans, such as ‘Be brave’, ‘Stay safe’ and ‘Chase the rainbow’ – all of which are excellent intentions in this unprecedented time.

If you can’t currently get outside due to self-isolation, you can still ‘chase the rainbow’ by following the hashtags #chasetherainbow, #frommywindow and #windowrainbow, or give @chasetherainbow2020 a follow on Instagram.

Here are some of our favourite multi-coloured creations we’ve spotted on the internet so far.

The rainbow window trend sweeping the nation