The Quality Street advent calendar is back for 2019

What a time to be alive. First, we get the news that John Lewis’ Quality Street pick and mix station is back in business, and now, Nestlé has made another of our festive dreams come true.

Last year, the confectionery giant released the first ever Quality Street advent calendar. Packaged in the brand’s classic purple tin colour, the calendar was a hit in supermarkets across the nation – and we don’t wish to alarm you, but 2019’s version might be even better.

Quality Street
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The festive treat is adorned with a chocolate-inspired wreath with individual Quality Street chocolates tucked inside each of the 24 windows – altogether, you’re getting 229g of chocolates for the price.

And if you’re worried about missing out on your favourite, fear not. Every sweet in the new assortment is featured in a completely random order meaning no two calendars are the same. So whether you love a Strawberry Delight or consider yourself more of a Toffee Penny fan, you won’t be left disappointed.

Plus, this year’s advent offering includes the Chocolate Caramel Brownie sweet, a brand new launch for 2019 overflowing with brownie flavoured caramel (we’ve already tried it, and can confirm that it’s truly delicious).

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Ellie Worley, Senior Brand Manager for Quality Street said of this year’s collection: ‘2019 is a huge year for Quality Street. We’ve got a new sweet, a new design and we are developing the brand in all areas ahead of the Christmas season.’

‘I know just how much people love Quality Street and we work really hard to find that balance between keeping things fresh but also familiar. We’ve been listening and I think we’ve got the perfect mix this year and made the changes that people have told us they’d like to see.’

quality street advent calendar 2019 Quality Street Chocolate Advent Calendar, £5, Sainsbury’s

Or, if chocolate isn’t your thing? Check out our guide for the best alternative advent calendars to get your hands on this Christmas – there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy.