Great British Bake Off’s Prue Leith just shared the most genius 30p food hack

Chef and author Prue Leith has offered a life-changing food hack that has blown lots of fans’ minds with its simplicity. 

The legendary cook captures our hearts every summer while serving as a judge on Channel 4’s baking competition Great British Bake Off alongside the very hard-to-please Paul Hollywood.

And now she’s not only offering amateur cooks practical cookery advice on telly but on social media too. 

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Last week Prue revealed to her 28,000 fans on Instagram how to fix hard brown sugar when it dries into a block, making it difficult to add to a bake (or even just a cuppa). 

You’ll need just two items for this trick which you probably already have at home: fruits such as lemon, apple or orange, and a container with an airtight lid. 

Once you’ve got the tools, 79-year-old Prue says to place the sugar in the container with the fruit on top for just a day with the lid closed, and it will work like magic.

‘Do you know this great tip? When brown sugar dries to a concrete block, put it in an airtight container with lemon, apple or orange. In 24 hours it will be soft and spoonable,’ she said on Instagram.

Of course, fans were impressed by the low-cost hack. ‘Game changer,’ one commented while another said ‘Oh my goodness, that’s a great tip. I have had too many incidences of rock hard brown sugar in my kitchen!’

One fan went one step ahead gave an extra tip, saying: ‘We use bread to soften it. Love this extra tip’.

Prue Leith
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Prue isn’t the only veteran to share creative tips with viewers. Former judge Mary Berry said last year that the trick to making perfectly crisp roast potatoes is the surprise addition of polenta

‘I like to parboil them just a bit to begin with, and then toss them in something like semolina, or scratch them so you get them all crispy,’ she explained during an episode of BBC One’s Britain’s Best Home Cook. ‘Then put them in a really hot pan with goose fat.’

Sounds good to us!