Primark has the perfect dupes for those Instagram storage crates we all love

It’s safe to say that Primark has become somewhat of a homeware haven in the past couple of years, offering everything from beautiful bedding to chic kitchen and living room staples, all at affordable prices, of course. It’s one of many reasons why the high street retailer has a special place in our hearts and is one of our current faves for home decorating.

Fellow interiors lovers will have noticed the recent storage crate trend on Instagram, where people get cute and colourful plastic crates to help store away their loose items for a more tidy and stylish environment at home. Well, Primark has launched its very own versions to help solve all of your storage solutions.

Right on time for our spring clean, the retailer has released a collection of pastel coloured collapsible crates that look just like the ones you’ve seen your favourite influencers using on Instagram, the only key difference being the price. Most of the trendy storage crates we come across online will set you back around £10 to £15, whereas good old Primark has priced theirs from just £1.50 each. Yep, talk about a bargain!

Made from recycled plastics, you can take your pick of colours, too: the Primark storage crates are available in neutral tones, such as a mushroom shade, pale pink or black for those who like the understated look, as well as brighter hues like purple and blue.

storage crate

Black Mini Collapsible Plastic Crate, £1.50, Primark

The boxes can be used in any area of your home, be it in the kitchen to store excess cupboard essentials, your bathroom to create more space for your skincare products or even in your bedroom for extra books or storing away toys if you have children. They come in mini and medium sizes, are lightweight (so easy to lift up and down shelves) and collapsible, making them all the more practical.

So, if you’re looking for affordable and creative new ways to create more space at home, then look no further than Primark.