Primark is asking customers not to buy its products on Amazon

High street hero Primark has always been a go to for those who want purse-friendly fashion that caters to the biggest trends of the moment.

And it doesn’t stop there; the retail giant is also known for its affordable homeware and other quirky offerings as well as its much-loved beauty department, which became even more popular following the launch of its first skincare range with beauty director and influencer, Alex Steinherr.

Primark Online Shopping Amazon
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In a nutshell, there’s plenty to love about Primark – but one inconvenient factor about shopping with the brand is the fact that it has yet to introduce online shopping, which means you have to make time to head down to your local branch, rummage through the countless products on the shop floor and eventually join a (usually rather long) queue before you can walk away with your goods.

That was, until eagle-eyed internet users spotted that e-tail giant Amazon is now stocking Primark products. In what appears to be a recent update on the site, you can now shop Primark’s in-house clothing label, meaning those of you who have Prime can place an order from the comfort of your own home and have the items in your wardrobe within 24 hours.

Primark Online Shopping Amazon
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There’s everything from womenswear and menswear to bras, underwear, socks and even all the novelty pop culture merchandise Primark is known and loved for. All you have to do is search Primark on the Amazon website.

However, while it is convenient, the prices seem to be more expensive than the ones we’re used to in-store. Plus, it is worth noting that Primark isn’t happy about the new Amazon offerings – it turns out that the business is not actually in an official partnership with Amazon, and even issued a statement explaining why shopping online won’t offer the best value.

The message, shared on Primark’s Twitter account, has won both praise and criticism from customers in equal measure.

‘I like the fact I have to go into store to see what you have. Much more of a fun experience and something me, my bestie and daughter really have fun doing,’ said one shopper, while another agreed: ‘Good on you Primark. A company with traditional values and a high street presence. Online isn’t always best!’

However, many others are still campaigning for a shopping service they can use from home. ‘Shame you dont have an online shop. Maybe some people shop online due to not being able to shop in store, things like disabilities,’ one pointed out. ‘I could see how it’d be hard to get a wheelchair around, and often the shops are very crowded.’

‘Just give the people what they want!’ declared another, followed by a third who wrote: ‘It’s hard when the nearest store is over an hour away. When getting to a store isn’t easy, we have limited options sadly.’