Sales of this M&S neck cream have more than doubled in recent weeks

M&S has a pretty extensive beauty hall offering, but there’s one particular brand that sees amazing demand time and time again. Prai – the company behind the cult neck cream that sells every 90 seconds – is the overall bestselling line stocked by the high street store, and it seems that we still love its products even when we’re shopping them virtually.

prai neck cream
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According to Woman & Home, sales of the £25 product, which is also available from online retailers like Lookfantastic, have doubled during lockdown, and it’s now leaving the digital shelves at a rate of one per minute. And as for Prai’s wider range, sales over the past month have soared by 1137 per cent compared with the same time period last year.

So why are we reaching for this little jar of wonder now more than ever? Well, it could have something to do with the amazing before-and-afters pictures, which Prai frequently shares on  its social media pages to demonstrate the powers of the product. Now that we’ve got a little more time to spend on our skincare routine, often neglected areas like our necks seem to finally be getting the attention they deserve – and this is a tried and tested favourite that is worth the investment.

The secret to Prai’s success lies in its clever choice of ingredients – the neck cream uses a combination of mulberry, saxifrage and grapeseed extracts, plus hydrating Shea butter and hyaluronic acid to help to plump and lift the delicate area, as well as reduce the appearance of age spots and pigmentation.

Reviewers who’ve already given it a try can’t stop singing its praises – ‘I was sceptical about the hype surrounding this cream, but bought a small one to try,’ says one of the more than 200 positive commenters on the M&S website. ‘It is amazing and I noticed a difference within a week.’

‘I have just purchased my second pot of this wonderful cream. It is lovely and light to use and sinks into the skin really well,’ agrees another. ‘It also has a pleasant scent. I have found that it does reduce the appearance of wrinkles on my neck and skin appears firmer. For the price, I believe it is good value for money.’

prai neck cream

Prai Ageless Throat & Décolletage Crème, £25, Marks & Spencer

Despite the fact that Prai’s popularity has never been greater, the good news is that its neck cream is still in stock from various sources, including M&S, so if you’re tempted to jump on the bandwagon, you still can.

Who knows, by the time lockdown measures begin to lift, it might just become your favourite part of your skincare routine.