Poundland’s £2.50 glass mugs are a dupe of Bodum’s £30 ones

When it comes to kitchenware and tableware, it’s easy to spend over the odds on pricy items just because they’re popular on Instagram and Pinterest. For example, if you’re anything like us, you’ll have mugs of all shapes and sizes spilling out of your kitchen cupboards – because come on, who can resist yet another cute mug?

Double walled glass mugs in particular can often be spotted in the background of Instagrammers’ breakfast snaps or artfully placed in a ‘candid’ coffee table shot. The clear glass means you can show off your coffee-making skills and they’re the perfect addition to a minimalist decor. Plus, unlike some interiors trends, they’re actually functional, too – the double wall keeps the drink hotter for much longer.

Bodum is a brand known for their quality glassware, with their various double wall mug designs a popular choice for coffee and tea drinkers everywhere.

double wall glass mug

2 pcs jumbo mug, £60, Bodum

However, at up to £60 for a set of two, they’re not the cheapest option out there. If you are looking for a budget version, Poundland has mugs in a very similar style at a fraction of the price.

Costing just £2.50 each, the Poundland double wall mug looks just as good as other designer mugs out there, but are a much more budget-friendly option.

The Poundland double wall mug is part of the brand’s recent drop of chic and minimalist kitchenware, including plenty of handy glass canister jars, tea and coffee pots, chopping board and more. Shoppers have praised the addition of chalkboard stickers on the storage items so you can name and re-name the contents inside easily.

Of course, you’ll have to head to your local Poundland shop to see if they have it in stock, and by the looks of how popular they’ve been on Instagram so far, we’d suggest getting there fast.