This popular dessert brand is hiring a pudding taster for £15 an hour

If you’ve got an undeniable sweet tooth then we may just have found your ultimate dream job. A popular company is currently hiring for a professional pudding taster, meaning you could be making some cash from simply eating your favourite treats.

We know it all sounds a bit too good to be true, but this is not a drill. Pots & Co, a pudding brand stocked in supermarkets across the country, is on the hunt for a pudding taster and applications are open to the public.

pots and co pudding taster
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The company, which, as the name suggests, offers delicious puddings in pots, has advertised the three-month part time position on LinkedIn and it sounds dreamy. Not only do you get to eat endless desserts but the salary is pretty impressive to. They’re offering £15 an hour, which is almost double the UK’s minimum wage.

‘At Pots & Co we create exceptional puddings from our London kitchen for people all across the UK to enjoy. As a pudding connoisseur, your feedback will be crucial to ensuring our puddings remain top notch,’ reads the job description.

‘Receiving batches of puddings for you to enjoy at home, you’ll be asked to indulge in these at your own time and pace, noting your feedback as you go.’

The successful candidate will give objective and honest feedback on everything from the flavour and the texture of the puddings, to their appearance. They will also be able to clearly and consistently describe products and the differences between them.

pots and co pudding taster
Pots & Co

So, what kind of person are they looking for?

According to the job spec, the candidate will need to have ‘a clear passion for puddings in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Eagerness to try all of our products – whether to continuously improve our puddings already on your supermarket shelves or try new products that are in development phase in our kitchen.’

But most importantly, ‘honesty when it comes to giving opinion.’

If that sounds like you, then all you have to do to apply is write 150 words on what puddings mean to you and submit it to