This popular city has been voted the most liveable place in the UK – and it isn’t London

When you think of the most popular city in the UK, the nation’s capital is no doubt your first thought. However, new research has revealed that despite this, London isn’t the most liveable city in the UK. Instead, the charming city of Manchester received the flattering title.

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Home to the likes of Oasis and Coronation Street,  not to mention two major football clubs, Manchester is a vibrant city to say the least. So it’s no surprise that it featured on the Economist’s Global Liveability Index 2018. Yet we bet you didn’t anticipate the northern town would beat London by 13 spots on the annual list, but that’s exactly what has happened.

Manchester was ranked the 35th most liveable city in the world – after climbing up 16 places from previous years – while London placed at number 48. The result marks the widest gap between the two cities since the survey first began in the 1990s.

Following last year’s Manchester bombing in which 22 people lost their lives,  the city has not only gained worldwide support but tribute events have also helped lifts the city’s spirit and bring Mancunians together.

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The Austrian capital of Vienna was crowned the number one most liveable city in the world on the list, closely followed by Melbourne which came in at number two and the Japanese city of Osaka which was ranked third. The results also highlighted that over half of the cities in the top ten were in Australia or Canada, and all had very low population densities.

The Economist reports that the findings tie in with the notion that cities with fewer people have the freedom and space to allow recreational activities without overburdened infrastructure and high crime rates, thus making them more liveable.

See the top ten most liveable cities below: 

1. Vienna

2. Melbourne

3. Osaka

4. Calgary

5. Sydney

6. Vancouver

7. Toronto

8. Tokyo

9. Copenhagen

10. Adelaide