All you need for Peloton’s new pilates classes is a mat

With many of us plunged into tier 4 over the past week, gyms and exercise classes are closed once more, meaning a return to the at-home workouts we’ve become so accustomed to in 2020. And if you don’t fancy forking out some cash on any hi-tech equipment (although the likes of Aldi’s new at-home exercise range might help you there), there are classes you can take that don’t require you to have much with you at all.

In fact, Peloton — the brand known for its indoor bikes — has just launched their pilates classes, which only require you to bring yourself and a mat. 

peloton pilates

The on-demand classes launched earlier in December, and feature 20 different options for all levels, including absolute beginners as well as those at an intermediate or advanced level who have more experience in the practise.

What’s more, there are different lengths depending on how much time you have to spare, starting at 10 minute classes for those who want a quick workout, and capping at 45 minute ones for a longer session. 

Speaking about the new classes, Peloton instructor Sam Yo told Popsugar that pilates ‘is a great form of exercise for everyone no matter your age of fitness level’ and that it ‘helps to build up strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and balance.’

Peloton pilates ‘is designed to be an empowering and accessible practice to improve strength and stability for all members of any experience level — no equipment needed. No reformer, rings, core balls or other special props — just your body and a mat,’ he added. 

To access the classes, you will need a membership to Peloton. An all-access membership costs £39 per month, while the slightly more affordable digital membership will only set you back £12.99 a month, and still awards you access to studio and outdoor running classes with the Peloton app.