These are the tricks a Peloton instructor uses to motivate themselves

When the sky is grey, you’ve just snagged a hangnail on your jumper and then realise there’s no milk left for your morning coffee, it’s all too easy to give up on all positive energy for the rest of the day, let alone motivate yourself to do a workout (even though it’s proven that the endorphins will make you feel better).

Hannah Frankson

Peloton instructors, on the other hand, are known for their super peppy outlook and unfathomably high energy levels, which is what makes them so great at motivating people to keep going with their at-home workouts, despite not even being in the same room as their thousand-strong classes.

So we asked Peloton instructor (and self described ‘Hype Woman’) Hannah Frankson for her top motivation tips. Most of them relate to gearing yourself up to exercise, but we think most of them translate to all aspects of life.

Peloton instructor Hannah Frankson’s motivation tips

  • Remember your personal why. I exercise because I’ve realised over the years it helps me mentally as well as physically so it’s a moment of self-care and respect for my body. It is important to find your own why to give what you do a bigger reason.
  • Plan. The plan can be as simple as, ‘I am going to go for a walk for an hour three times a week’, or something more complex and structured like, ‘I am going to follow a gym training plan with weekly progressions for a six-week cycle’. Without a plan, it’s easy for motivation to waiver.
  • Playlist. Exercising to songs that uplift you makes exercise so much more fun. The right playlist has the power to get me through hard sessions.

Hannah Frankson

  • Play. Sometimes I think we take exercise so seriously that we forget that it can be quite playful to be able to move our bodies. I try to let go of expectations of linear results and accept that sometimes I’ll make mistakes or not do as well as I want to and move on with my life. It’s not that deep.
  • Go back to the drawing board. We are allowed to change our minds and try new things, so if you’ve found yourself constantly unmotivated by your exercise or body movement of choice, switch it up.
  • Evaluate. Give yourself credit for what you have done. Don’t compare your results to anyone else’s (which is such an easy way to kill motivation!) and rather than just looking for external results, take a more 360 approach. Do you feel better once you’ve moved? Does a certain movement feel easier? Does exercise improve your life in some aspect? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, it’s something that’s worth continuing.