Pantone’s 2019 colour has been announced – and it has an important message behind it

Pantone has announced its 2019 colour of the year – and it’s world’s apart from last year’s millennial Ultra Violet.

‘Living Coral’ is the chosen shade for 2019, which Pantone has summarised as, ‘an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.’

Credit: @pantone Instagram

While Living Coral conjures up bright and summery visions within out mind, there’s a deeper, more important message behind the decision.

Just weeks after Collins Dictionary poignantly announced its word of the year was ‘single-use,’ (in reference to the growing problem the environment faces against plastic), Pantone has dedicated their yearly colour choice to sending a message about our oceans.

Perhaps referring to the dire state of the coral in our oceans (30% of coral in the Great Barrier Reef was killed due to the 2016 heat wave and will continue to die off with increasing temperatures), Leatrice Eisemen, Executive Director Of The Pantone Color Institute, explained:

‘Color is an equalizing lens through which we experience our natural and digital realities and this is particularly true for Living Coral. With consumers craving human interaction and social connection, the humanizing and heartening qualities displayed by the convivial Pantone Living Coral hit a responsive chord.’

A statement on Pantone’s website continued:

‘In reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life, we are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy.’

‘Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, Pantone Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color.’

The decision to have Living Coral as their colour of the year will no doubt remind us to look after our oceans and have more consideration for our actions.

Words by Rebecca Fearn.