Pantene’s new range has been dubbed ‘the biggest shampoo breakthrough in 30 years’

Hair feeling sad and frazzled after a long hot summer? Pantene may have the solution.

The haircare wizards at P&G, the company behind the brand, have come with a clever new formula which, unlike many products, actually washes nutrients in to your hair, rather than stripping them out.

Here’s the sciencey bit: The Pro-V Nutrient Blends collection uses pro-vitamin B5 with active antioxidants and strengthening lipids, which penetrate to the core to help replenish nutrients lost to daily hair stress – think washing, styling and the environment.

Although your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, using the shampoo should leave it feeling stronger, more elastic and resilient to these external factors.

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It may sounds like something every shampoo should be doing already, but according to the researchers, it’s a major development that’s taken years to perfect.

Principal Scientist for Pantene, Dr. Jeni Thomas PhD explained of the launch: ‘Despite many advances in hair care, only 1 in 10 women are happy with their hair, every day.

‘Figuring out the complex science to deliver strengthening lipids from a shampoo took our team of scientists years to develop. Now, women won’t just have clean and cared for hair, thanks to the formula upgrade, hair can be 100% stronger. We see this as the biggest thing to happen to shampoos in 30 years.’


Dr Thomas isn’t the only one to vouch for the product – dermatologist Dr. Vicky Jolliffe from Royal London Hospital agreed: ‘This is the first time I’ve seen shampoos which strengthen the hair during the actual washing process by incorporating lipids into the hair shaft.’

If you want to try the revolution for yourself, you can pick up a bottle of Pantene Shampoo Pro-V Nutrient Blends in stores now, priced just £3.99. Options include Repair & Protect, Smooth & Sleek and Volume & Body – glossy, healthy locks, here we come.