This special handcream from Boots has been designed to help NHS nurses

Doctors and nurses at the NHS have one of (if not the most) demanding jobs in the world. Not only do they work around the clock but they’re constantly hands on with their patients. That’s why businessman Jonny Philp, who is the husband of a paediatric nurse, has launched a genius new hand cream designed especially for those who need it the most.

Philp teamed up with Newcastle Science City to create the moisturizer, aptly named Nursem, treating doctors and nurses whose hands suffer as they look after the poorly.

The cream, which combat the effects of relentless hand washing, is made with a range of special formulas, including plant-derived active ingredients that soothe and protect overworked skin. The product was tested on a panel of nurses who all approved of it before launching, making it a product by nurses for nurses.

Priced at just £9.99, Nursem is stocked in Boots and for every product the public buys, the retailer gives a month’s worth of free Nursem to a nurse or midwife. So when you make a purchase, you’re also contributing to a very important cause.

Nursem hand cream

Nursem Caring Hand Cream 75ml, £9.99, Boots

As well as the hand cream, the brand also sells a Caring Hand Wash (also priced at £9.99) and aCaring Hand Fix for £14.99 – all of which have received excellent reviews from nurses across the country. In fact, even Amanda Holden is a big fan of the products.

The radio host dedicated an entire Instagram post to the brand back in September when Nursem first launched, writing: ‘The @nhsmillion has done more than its fair share to help me and my family. This fantastic innovation is a beautiful new product. For every product that YOU buy they will give a months worth free to a nurse or midwife.’

Now that temperatures have well and truly dropped, our hands are bound to take the brunt of it so what better time to try the magic cream?