The You magazine team reveal their New Year’s resolutions

Most of us will be glad to see the back of 2021 – it’s fair to say that with all its pandemic-related woes it has not been a vintage year. Hopefully there’s more reason to feel upbeat about 2022, and even if we can’t control the world around us, with New Year’s resolutions we can make positive changes in our own lives.

For 2022, avoid resolutions that you’ll beat yourself up about, but instead choose kinder, more optimistic goals for the year ahead. If you want to set some targets and need a little inspiration, then read on to find out what the You magazine team have put on their resolutions list for 2022…

Our 2022 New Year’s resolutions

“More gatherings! More meeting up with friends, more having people round for dinner, more just hanging out. I, like everyone else, have really missed people in general the last two years and this year it will be my utmost resolution to make up for lost time with friends and family.”

Clara Maidment, Bookings Editor

“Every year I say I’m going to stop being so late, but for 2022 I’m going to try ‘be on time more often’ and see if that’s more realistic for me…”

Kanika Banwait, Digital Assistant

“I’ve decided to learn to do the box splits before the end of 2022. I’ve no idea why…. it’s unlikely to be useful… but I think the best new year resolutions are the random ones!”

Anna Pursglove, Features Director

“To print some of the 1000000000 pictures I have on my phone!”

Miranda Thompson, Features Editor

“Getting my British citizenship so I can vote at the next election….”

Stephanie Belingard, Picture Editor

“1) To start a pottery class or any arts course. 2) Have a ‘to do list’ and actually tick things off and not talk about it.  3) Learn a new skill (feeling circus-hooping)  4) Be more YES.”

Luisa Avietti, Deputy Picture Editor

“I am terrible for pretending to watch TV in the evening while actually just scrolling endlessly on my phone, so one of my resolutions is to have at least a couple of evenings a week where I put my phone away upstairs after 7pm (I think it’s unrealistic to ban evening scrolling completely). I’m also resolving to rediscover my existing wardrobe. Since all those months in lockdown I’ve got into a rut of wearing old leggings and a huge, grey jumper from the M&S menswear section every day – I need to wear more mood-lifting outfits!”

Sophie Hines, Digital Editor

“To see more of my friends!”

Charlotte Page, Interiors Coordinator

“More reading… for pleasure! And more exercise, boringly.”

Emerson Rogers, Deputy Chief Sub Editor