9 alternative ways to wear fragrance, from perfumed stickers to scented jewellery

Scent. It’s an incredibly personal thing that can evoke deep memories and intense emotions. We all have our own version of a signature scent, and have most likely spritzed many duds before finding The One.

But while classic bottles of fragrance will never go out of style, the past few years have proven that scent is moving with the times, offering new and creative ways to be worn.

‘Perfume is seen as an extraordinary field for experimentation, with fresh pathways forever opening,’ say the team at Diptyque, and they would know.

alternatives to perfume

Earlier this year, the brand unveiled Prêts-A-Parfumer, a new collection comprising jewellery and stickers that emit its bestselling blends. The bracelets and brooches contain replaceable ceramic discs, while the stickers are worn directly on your pulse points for fragrance that lasts all day.

However, it’s not the only brand innovating in the scent sphere these days – from portable paintbrushes to discs you can toss in your gym bag on the go, here are the new ways to fill your life with fragrance 24/7.



Diptyque Eau Rose Perfume Stickers, £40, Space NK

Constantly helping to evolve the world of fragrance, Diptyque is a brand you can always turn to for innovation. ‘Prêts-A-Parfumer’ focuses on offering new and unique ways to wear scent. Their sticker or tattoo designs are made from matte satin and can be worn at pulse points or other areas you would usually wear perfume. They come in the brands’ bestselling scents, and can be removed and re-applied as much as you desire.



NCP The Piece, £135, NCP

Love wearing fine jewellery and experimenting with new perfumes? Why not combine your love for both and invest in some scented jewellery to take with you wherever you go? While still relatively unknown and rarely talked about, fragranced jewellery has actually been dabbled with at a number of brands. By Kilian has previously created super high end, luxurious pieces (that are still available to buy in store at Harrods), Diptyque now sells perfumed bracelets and brooches, and St Palo and NCP now both offer necklaces with wearable vials of perfume. Basically, if you’re not wearing jewellery that smells good, why bother wearing it at all?!


Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London Scent To Go Disc, £39, Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London has some of the most well-known scents in the country, and the brand is  increasingly coming up with new ways to wear your favourite. Its latest creation is the ‘Scent To Go’ fragranced discs, which are designed in order to be thrown into an underwear drawer or gym bag to keep things smelling delightful all day long. The discs come in three of the brand’s most influential blends: Pomegranate Noir, Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Pear & Freesia.


Scent Republik

Scent Republik Pens, £12.50, ASOS

A youthful way to wear perfume, these pens work perfectly when popped into a bag for daily use. Available at ASOS, Scent Republik’s sticks are each inspired by a different city around the world. They can be bought separately and in collection boxes, and provide an intense fragrance hit that’ll last all day.



Glossier You Solid Perfume, £19, Glossier

While these have been around for a while, the recent wave of options has brought in a new era of solid perfumes. Intensely potent and highly portable, solid fragrances are great for travel and to keep in your handbag for on-the-go top-ups throughout the day. Many brands offer solid perfumes these days, including Jo Malone, who even have solid fragrance combining palettes to expertly layer your scents starting from just £14. Our favourite has to be this one by Glossier You, however, as it’s divine to look at, smells amazing, and is also really affordable.


Jo Loves

Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance Paintbrush, £40, Jo Loves

Another form of scent that has been doing the rounds in recent years, perfume brushes are a clever little innovation that have really taken off. The brand to do them best so far has to be Jo Loves, who developed gel versions of their bestselling scents to pump out in brush form. ‘Paint’ your neck, decolletage, and wrists with the gels, which come in bestselling scents including Jo Loves’ very first creation: Pomelo.

Hair mist


Byredo Gypsy Water Hair Mist, £50, Selfridges

Fragrance isn’t just for your body; your hair can smell just as good. Hair perfumes are specifically designed to contain no (or less) alcohol in order to keep locks healthy, while traditional colognes can be drying. Most also come in mist form, making it easy to disperse evenly on hair. Our favourite is Gypsy Water by Byredo, which is a classic, and allows you to try out the iconic scent without having to spend £100+.

Body and hair oil

Frederic Malle

Frederic Malle Portrait Of A Lady Hair & Body Oil, £140, Liberty London

Decadent perfume brand Frederic Malle has recently introduced oils that are suitable for hair and body, and they are beautifully fragranced. Body oils are common, but formulas you can use on your hair also (without locks becoming greasy) are rather rare, making this pretty special. If you’ve not tried the brand before, make a bee line for Portrait Of A Lady, their bestseller with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, orange, geranium, sandalwood, and patchouli.


Le Labo

Le Labo x The Laundress Santal 33 Detergent, £46.50, Amazon

While a fragranced detergent may sound anything but chic, we ask you to bear with us on this one as we explain. High end perfumers Le Labo have combined some of their most well-known smells (think everybody’s favourite Santal 33 and the floral delight that is Rose 31) into detergents made by luxury, non-toxic brand The Laundress – and it WORKS. Throw a cupful into your washing machine for super fresh bedding and decadent towels, and watch as visitors are continually impressed.

Feature by Rebecca Fearn.