Do you have a naughty pet? They could star in a new TV show

Calling all pet owners: Channel 4 is on the hunt for embarrassing pets for a new TV series they are developing. So if you have a dog who can’t control his ‘urges’, a mischievous kitty intent on destroying your home, or a pup with the manners of a pig, this could be your chance to turn them into star (and perhaps turn their bad behaviour around).


The producers aren’t giving much away about the premise of the show but we’re guessing once they’ve located the country’s naughtiest pets, an expert animal-whisperer will help their beleaguered owners take control.

Shiver TV – who are making the new series – are the team behind Come Dine With Me, along with other animal-themed shows, Paul O’Grady: For The Love of Dogs, and Super Tiny Animals (how did we miss this gem?!) so you can trust your beloved terrors will be in safe hands.

Although the producers might want to try searching Instagram for their future furry stars –@pet_shaming would be a good place to start; they’ve recently featured some guinea pigs that need to improve their personal hygiene, and even a caterpillar that had to have a time out in The Cup Of Shame after nibbling its sister’s chrysalis.


The truth is, as a nation we are pushovers when it comes to our pets. According to the Dogs Trust, a dog with behaviour issues can cause over £4,000 worth of damage over its lifetime, while Lily’s Kitchen, the pet food purveyors, found that one in five cat owners wake up at 4am every morning to feed their feline masters. Sounds about right.

How to apply

If you’re cuddling your pesky pet right now – or more likely, cleaning up another calamity – you can apply to be on the show by contacting or calling 0161 9521756. Find out more at