The coolest nail trends for 2021, according to top London salons 

During the first lockdown in 2020, many beauty fans got into nail art, ourselves included. Trying out different designs can be a fun, creative activity that also gets your mind off things, and it’s a great project to get into second time around if you didn’t last year.

But what should you be trying out this year? Well, we spoke to a couple of the coolest nail salon founders to determine which 2021 trends are going to be huge this year. Whether you want to give them a go yourself, or save them in your nail art inspo album for when we can finally visit salons again, these are the styles you should be coveting. 

The coolest nail trends for 2021:

Baby French

‘The French manicure has always been a favourite of ours; along with all its variations along the way – we adore them all,’ says Juanita Huber-Millet, founder of top London nail salon Townhouse.

‘The baby French is a chic twist on the classic, perfectly suitable for all seasons – it is simply a thinner line along the free edge for a more sophisticated look. This is a great DIY design; you just need a little patience! Keep it neutral by using muted tones or add a splash of colour for a little lockdown fun.’


Abstract Negative space

Tina Michael, Founder of Shoreditch Nails, explains this sophisticated style is going to be huge throughout 2021. ‘We saw this trend creep into our stores in December and we are expecting it to be very popular when we are able to open again.’

Shoreditch Nails

Checkerboard Nails

‘This design was highly requested throughout 2020 and it’s here to stay,’ says Tina. ‘Pair two contrasting colours for an eye-catching effect,’ she recommends. 

Shoreditch Nails

Natural & Healthy 

Juanita explains: ‘The ‘barely there’ mani is a go-to at Townhouse for simplicity and chicness. We love that it really showcases the natural nail, whilst still being polished and refined.’

‘This is the perfect lockdown look as its simple to achieve and easy to maintain,’ she continues. ‘Its popular nature is due to the effortlessness look, yet precise detail.’



Tina loves this design, which she says is the happy trend we all need right now. ‘Keep a smile on your faces (and your nails) with these fun designs. Pick n mix is the ultimate pick-me-up,’ she notes. This may be one to keep for the professionals, but as anything goes, you could always still attempt it yourself!

Shoreditch Nails

Contemporary Minimal Designs 

‘Contemporary, chic and wearable – minimalistic nail art is on trend now more than ever. From abstract faces to negative space, in this case – less really is more!’


‘These subtle, sophisticated designs can really level-up your lockdown look,’ says Juanita, who suggests trying simple dots, silhouette faces, or golden accents. 

Feature by Rebecca Fearn.