17 creative music round ideas for quizzes that’ll keep everyone guessing

If you’re hosting a quiz, you can’t go wrong with a music round, but what are the best music quiz questions to ask?

If you’re feeling a little short of inspiration, don’t panic – we’ve done the hard work for you with 17 fun music round ideas to get you started (all of which can be easily be tailored to your audience, no matter what their music tastes might be). Turn up the volume and get ready for everyone to be well and truly stumped!

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17 creative music round quiz ideas everyone will love

1. Finish the lyric

Everyone knows the big karaoke bangers – but when they’re on the spot, can they finish the line? Pick from a well-know chorus or make it harder with a phrase from a verse.

2. Intros

It’s a pub quiz classic for a season! Pick a series of songs and play just the first few seconds. This is a good opportunity to earn double points – one for the song title and one for the artist.

3. Musicals

You play a song, your contestants tell you which musical isn’t from. Unless they’re frequent visitors to the West End, things could get tricky very quickly…

4. What’s the connection? (subject)

There are tons of songs about love, but you could also get a little more niche – pick a string of songs about animals, food, or a particular city, for example, and see if people can figure out what links them all together.

5. What’s the connection? (artists)

Maybe they were all in the same band at some point, maybe they were all born in the same town or year, maybe they’ve all collaborated with the same artist. You can make it as easy or as tough as you like!

6. Theme tunes

You could go retro with tunes from the 80s or 90s, or pick the TV shows we know and love today. If you need inspiration, Daisy May Cooper’s TikTok dances (to classics like EastEnders and Countdown) will serve you will.

7. Advert jingles

The trick here is clipping a a section of the jingle that doesn’t mention the product – then get your guessers to work out what it’s for.

music round quiz ideas
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8. Movie soundtracks

From Dirty Dancing to Top Gun, there are so many movies that brought some absolute anthems to the masses. So can your teams work out which ones they’re from? This could also extend into music round ideas with themes like Bond or Disney films.

9. Eurovision

Keep this to UK entries and get people to name the singer and song, or if you want to go a hair more obscure, play any Eurovision track and ask people to name the country it came from.

10. Classical

We’ve all heard Beethoven’s ‘Für Elise’ or Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’ hundreds of times, but actually naming them from a few notes alone is a tall order.

11. Covers

Countless great songs have been sung multiple times. Pick a group of covers and test everyone’s knowledge about who sang the original.

12. 8-bit versions

A quick google or search on Spotify will turn up 8-bit versions (think, computer game music) of hits from Ariana Grande to A-Ha. It’s the players’ job to guess which song’s being reinvented.

13. Video game music

Speaking of computer games, the sounds of games like Mario, Pokemon and Pacman also make for brilliantly nostalgic music rounds.

14. Misheard lyrics

Take a famous line and come up with four similar versions, only one of which is correct. Can your friends and family pick the right one?

15. Song titles that never appear lyrically

Do you know what they never say in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’? The words Bohemian Rhapsody! Find enough songs like this and it will keep everyone guessing for ages.

16. Speed it up/slow it down

Can you name a song being played at 4x the usual speed? How about if it’s slowed down by the same amount? It’s harder than it sounds (pun intended).

17. Year of release

Play a succession of songs and ask everyone to decide on the year they think they came out. You’ll be surprised at the number of memories this brings back as you play!

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