BEAUTY KNOWHOW: Hybrid beauty products

Perk up your skin and pep up your make-up in one easy move with these hardworking ‘hybrids’.

hybrid beauty
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The other week I wrote about my current headliner skincare products keeping my complexion in good shape (you can still find it here). Now I’d like to shine the spotlight on some of those products that lie in between skincare and cosmetics – they’re a little bit of one and the other at the same time.

The best multitasking beauty products

Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Primer

First up is Hourglass and its new Vanish Airbrush Primer (£50, It’s like a translucent serum that you put on after your skincare routine but before your foundation. Now I’m not usually a big primer wearer. So often I feel they make me appear more ‘done’ – like a full-on, card-carrying Make-up Wearer – whereas I’m much more of a natural look, but better, kind of a gal. It’s just my personal preference. However, this is a primer that even people who aren’t usually fans can get on board with. It feels like nothing on the skin yet delivers so much in results: it helps to blur lines, even out skin tone, can minimise the appearance of pores and absorb oil to control shine. Foundation does look that bit better for it. But crucially, for me, the result is natural rather than made up and skin still feels hydrated at the end of the day.

Real Techniques Glow Finish Blend Extender

Also aiding the look and glow of make-up is Real Techniques Glow Finish Blend Extender (£9.99, The brand recommends applying with its own dedicated Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99,, which you can deploy either wet or dry. The spray is packed full of vitamins – including radiance-boosting vitamin C – as well as electrolytes to improve hydration, all of which contribute to the promised facial glow. As with the Hourglass primer, I apply this after skincare but before make-up and it really does make a difference. You can also spritz it on throughout the day if you feel you need a refresh, although I’ve found that a morning application is enough for me.

beauty blender

Lastly, for a serious complexion boost and to banish any dullness, try Biotherm Aqua-Gelée Face Self-Tanning Serum (£37.60, It’s a clear formula, but still super easy to use: just pump a couple of drops, apply evenly and make sure you take it up to – but not on to – the hairline. Sweep any excess down your neck so you aren’t left with a tan line around your jaw. One use will give a bit of warmth but it’s easily buildable if you want more – just apply morning and evening to speed things up. It’s also a great unisex option and any man I know who has tried it has become a dedicated user.

Biotherm Aqua-Gelée Face Self-Tanning Serum

Be clean and serene

Meanwhile, to help create an inner glow – or at least some calm and contentment – I have really been enjoying using De Mamiel Anchor Bath Soak (£58, of an evening. With a blend of Himalayan, Dead Sea and Epsom salts (a very fine texture rather than chunky salts, which don’t always dissolve) and fragranced with patchouli, jasmine and sambac, it creates a deeply relaxing combination that helps to unwind the mind and relax the muscles.

De Mamiel Anchor Bath Soak

To add a bit of charm to your shower ritual I’d recommend Soak Sunday Rose Utopia Oil to Milk Body Cleanser (£16, It’s much as the name suggests, with a lovely and light milky texture. In a product arena that so often focuses on zingy citrus aromas, this is wonderfully cheering and refreshing – a lovely way to wake up in the morning. The cleanser is a joy to use and has a luxury feel that’s far above its price tag.

Soak Sunday Rose Utopia Oil to Milk Body Cleanser

Beauty assistant: Alice Robertson