Shoppers say these M&S sandals are as comfortable as slippers

When searching for the perfect summer sandals, we don’t want to have to compromise comfort for style or vice versa, but so often that’s exactly what ends up happening. Which is why when these M&S sandals started to be lauded in the reviews for being ‘as comfortable as slippers’, our interest piqued.

And before you tune out, they’re as stylish as they are comfortable, too. Plus, at £35, they’re equally affordable – did we just hit the sandal trifecta?

tan sliders

Leather Flat Open Toe Sliders in Tan, £35, M&S

Available in tan, black, navy and gold, the sandals are an on-trend slider style, with wide padded crossover leather straps that use the store’s trademark Insolia Flex technology to hold your foot perfectly in place. This means the soft leather flexes with your foot, providing maximum comfort all day long.

The flat soles are slightly padded with just enough lift in the heel (again, it’s all about maximum support and comfort), but the minimal, no-fuss style means these sandals would go with a number outfits, from dresses to skirts and jeans.

gold sliders

Leather Flat Open Toe Sliders in Gold, £35, M&S

They would make the perfect holiday sandal (whether that’s abroad or a staycation in the UK), and any high step count days will be a doddle in these thanks to their extreme comfort. Go for gold to add a touch of glamour to any outfit, while the black, tan and navy offer muted options that will go with any outfit.

Naturally the sandals have been attracting numerous five star reviews and shoppers of the sandals are immediately converted to avid fans, often coming back to purchase more pairs in different colours.

black sliders

Leather Flat Open Toe Sliders in Black, £35, M&S

One happy customer said: ‘As comfortable as slippers! These sliders are SO comfortable… I bought them in black and, just as on the website, they look much more expensive than the on-sale (or usual) price. Very happy with this, admittedly, impulse “lockdown” purchase!’

Another satisfied shopper agreed: ‘Perfect. Very comfortable even on long walks. Extremely soft leather with leather insoles also. Great quality and price’, while another said she was ‘delighted’ with her purchase.