Mrs Hinch has shared her genius £5 make-up brush cleaning hack

Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, aka the ‘clean queen’ of Instagram, is a mine of information when it comes to cleaning tips and tricks.

From her love of Zoflora to sharing her favourite hardworking, time-saving and purse-friendly products with her 3.2 million Instagram followers, Mrs Hinch has become synonymous with all things cleaning. She’s even appeared on This Morning and has her own books, Hinch Yourself Happy and Mrs Hinch The Activity Journal.

Sophie Hinchliffe
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But her latest hack has us all running to our make-up bags, because Mrs Hinch took to Instagram stories to reveal her favourite nifty way to clean make-up brushes – and it only costs £5.

We all know how important it is to clean our make-up brushes – at least once a week is the suggested frequency – but the laborious task can often slip down our to-do lists. So we rejoiced when we heard of Mrs Hinch’s savvy hack for getting them sparkling clean in no time.

Mrs Hinch cleaning make up brushes
Instagram/Mrs Hinch

On her Instagram story, the cleaning guru could be seen using a Scrub Daddy sponge with a few drops of baby shampoo (Mrs Hinch used the brand Child’s Farm), to gently cleanse away the dirt, grime and make-up build up within her brushes, before laying them flat to dry.

It takes her no time at all to get them sparkling clean again, and with a single Scrub Daddy sponge costing just £2.24 and a bottle of Child’s Farm baby shampoo coming to £3, this hack comes in at just over £5, which is a bargain compared to other make up brush cleansing products.

Mrs Hinch cleaning make up brushes
Instagram/Mrs Hinch

That’s not the only make-up applicator trick Mrs Hinch has up her sleeve either. In order to clean make up sponges such as Beauty Blenders, she suggests putting them in a sock, securing it tightly with a hair band and popping them into the washing machine. Ta da, squeaky clean sponges ready to be used again!