This is the most popular TikTok recipe – and how to make it

TikTok truly is the gift that keeps on giving. The video-sharing social media platform has served us with a wealth of micro-trends since booming in popularity over the last few years – even if you’re not on the platform, it’s likely these trends have cropped up in and influenced your own life, such is its influence.

cloud bread

From the overnight Weetabix trend, to the feta pasta phenomenon and the #wraphack, foodie trends in particular have a habit of blowing up on the app. But the most popular TikTok recipe of all might actually surprise you.

According to the experts at, the most popular TikTok recipe is cloud bread.


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Don’t know what that is? Allow us to explain…

First up, cloud bread isn’t actually bread at all – made of just 3 ingredients, egg whites, sugar and corn starch, it’s more soft baked meringue than loaf of bread. Essentially, don’t try to slice this up and stick slices of ham and cheese between it.


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The high egg content creates that super fluffy, squishy texture. Many people also add food colouring to their mixture to create a colourful – and therefore highly Instagrammable – foodie moment.


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As such, #cloudbread has an incredible 3.4 billion views on TikTok, putting it firmly at the top of the TikTok food trends leaderboard.

If you fancy having a go at making it, it does look incredibly easy to make. But TikToker @myhealthydish has highlighted a common mistake she’s seen people make when making cloud bread. She recommends completely whisking your egg whites to stiff peaks first before adding the sugar and corn starch, then gently folding in these ingredients. At the end of the video, she comments that it tastes just like cotton candy (candy floss to us Brits), so that has pretty much sold us on the trend!