The number one staycation spot of 2020 may surprise you

This year has seen a record number of us forgo a hop on a plane to some far-flung destination, and instead enjoying a humble staycation in our very own United Kingdom. In fact, one piece of research showed that a whopping 83 per cent of Brits said they would prefer to holiday in the UK this summer earlier this year, with uncertainty over Covid being a top concern for flying abroad. The same survey found that 71 per cent of respondents were also planning a UK holiday in 2021. 

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So just where is the top pick for those who have decided to stay closer to home this year, and where will we all be headed next year? Well, has revealed that the number one top spot for staycations this year was actually the capital. London beat off other more rural staycay destinations to become the number one choice, at 11 per cent. 

The city was closely followed however by two more obvious choices: Cornwall and Devon, both jointly taking the second spot with 10 per cent. Another favourite — The Lake District in Cumbria — took the fifth spot, while another major city scored enough visits to beat it to fourth: Edinburgh. 

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More research collected by the site reiterated the suggestion that more Brits would consider a staycation moving forward in 2021, with 84 per cent of respondents in this study saying they may do so. As for the destinations they’d like to visit, Cornwall and Devon scored highly in this list too, along with other favourites like The Peak District and The Cotswolds. 

Bucket list staycation destinations for 2021

  1. Cornwall (48 per cent)
  2. Scottish Highlands (43 per cent)
  3. Devon (43 per cent)
  4. Cumbria/Lake District (41 per cent)
  5. Yorkshire Dales (35 per cent)
  6. Edinburgh (34 per cent)
  7. Peak District (32 per cent)
  8. Snowdonia (32 per cent)
  9. The Cotswolds (31 per cent)
  10. Dorset (30 per cent)
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Interestingly, none of the big cities that featured on the initial list — such as London and Edinburgh — were on the 2021 bucket list, suggesting the majority of us are ready to get away to the country and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.