This is the most popular sexual fantasy in the UK

Admit it or not, we all have our own sexual fantasy – no matter how wild or tame it may be. And while sex is all about preference and what works for an individual, there’s one particular steamy scenario that most of us would like to experience, according to research.

most popular sexual fantasy
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New (and very insightful) data collected by popular sex toy company, We-Vibe, has revealed the one true sex fantasy all Brits dream about and let’s just say you won’t need a bed (or a bedroom) for it. Instead, you’ll need a spacious shower.

Yep, it turns out that shower sex is the most desired sexual fantasy in the UK, with an impressive 20 per cent of the people who partook in the research survey naming it as their number one choice. And who can blame them?

Not only is it warm and intimate, but the idea of it may seem a lot more exciting than your standard bedroom antics. You may even feel like you’re starring in a big budget Hollywood movie, minus the invasive camera and production crew. But of course, there are also the downsides to consider such as the endless safety hazards of shower sex. But who doesn’t like taking a few risks here and there, eh?

most popular sexual fantasy
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Coming in at very close second place on the list of Britain’s most popular sexual fantasies is having a threesome. The research showed that 19 per cent of participants were keen on the idea of a ménage à trois, while 17 per cent wanted to try having sex outside, which was named as the third most popular choice much to our surprise, considering the temperamental tendencies of the British weather.

See the full list of top ten British sex fantasies below:

  1. Having sex in the shower (20 per cent)
  2. Having a threesome (19 per cent)
  3. Having sex outside (17 per cent)
  4. Having sex at work (13 per cent)
  5. Having group sex (10 per cent)
  6. Sex on a plane (9 per cent)
  7. Open relationship (9 per cent)
  8. Sex on public transport (7 per cent)
  9. Sex with the same gender (6 per cent)
  10. Having sex at the gym (6 per cent)