These are the most searched-for holiday destinations for 2022

After spending those dark lockdown months scrolling through old photos of holidays in the sun, it’s no surprise so many Brits rushed to get abroad when Covid restrictions finally eased for international travel. However, there were plenty more who stayed at home, wary of the extra rules and regulations around travelling. For 2022, however, we’re feeling more hopeful, and starting to think about where to head next year.

Data from Yahoo Search was collected in November and revealed the hottest 2022 travel destinations people in the UK are searching for alongside the keyword ‘holiday’. It found seven out of 10 of the most popular holiday destinations are in Europe. With new variants of Covid still causing disruption, perhaps people want to stay closer to home for safety and convenience.

2022 on the sand

So whereabouts are we planning to travel to next year? Unsurprisingly, the Greek island of Crete takes the top spot – a favourite holiday destination for Brits. The flight time from the UK is usually just under four hours, so it’s perfect for a short break, if you’re travelling with children, or if you’d rather not be stuck on an aeroplane for too long.

Mainland Greece also makes the top 10 list, as well as other popular European hotspots like Menorca, Madeira and Tenerife. Some of the destinations that are further away include Barbados, The Maldives and Dubai. Clearly, we’re desperate for some sun, sand and sea.

Check out the full top 10 list here…

The most popular holiday destinations for 2022

1. Crete

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2. Menorca

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3. Madeira

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4. Greece

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5. Gran Canaria

gran canaria
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6. Tenerife

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7. Dubai

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8. The Maldives

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9. Cyprus

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10. Barbados

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So, where will you be heading in 2022? If none of these places took your fancy, also did some research into the most anticipated travel destinations next year, which features locations like Taiwan, USA, Brazil and Romania.

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