These crafty side hustles are the most lucrative on Etsy

Over the course of the last year, we’ve all spent far more time at home, which has led to the rise of hobbies – most notably, crafty hobbies. Whether you’ve rediscovered an old passion or picked up some new skills by ordering a few craft kits to fill your time with, getting creative at home has been one of the most fulfilling ways to spend our lockdown days.

But did you know that your newfound hobby could actually be earning you a tidy sum if you turned it into a side hustle? have studied global online marketplace Etsy to determine which crafty hobbies could become the most lucrative side hustles.

After surveying 57,000 Etsy sellers from 57 different countries (1,000 from each), they found which creative hobbies were bringing in the most money for their makers, as well as which hobbies are the most and least popular to participate in.

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If you’ve been getting your Picasso on during lockdown, you’re in luck as coming in at the top spot was painting, with an average total of £299.97 per item. Also, 71 per cent of people claim it to be their favourite pastime – no wonder when it can earn you nearly £300 per masterpiece.

In second place is pottery, with an average earning of £95.44 per piece. Whether you’ve invested in a wheel or have been experimenting with hand-building techniques, pottery can be a pretty lucrative side hustle to have, plus 78 per cent of people claim that pottery is their favourite hobby.

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For the most popular hobby though, knitting came out top, with 83 per cent of those surveyed admitting it to be their favourite. However, this pastime will earn you slightly less, at £52.05 per item on average.

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Other crafty side hustles that appeared in the list were jewellery making (£44.34; 59 per cent enjoyment), macrame wall hangings (£40.06; 67 per cent enjoyment), cross stitching (£27.04; 42 per cent enjoyment) and candle making (£18.44; 53 per cent enjoyment).

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The best part about all of these crafty side hustles is that they take minimal investment to get started with – you just need a couple of paintbrushes, knitting needles or a ball of string and away you go.