These are the most cat-friendly dog breeds

There’s an estimated 12.5 million dogs and 12.2 million cats living in our houses in Britain, and while most of us firmly fit into being either ‘cat people’ or ‘dog people’, there are plenty of people out there who own both.

beagle and cat
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The automatic assumption many of us make is that dogs and cats don’t get along. However, this is a bit of a myth, as some dog breeds are very tolerant of cats and will even welcome a feline companion in the house. So which are the most cat-friendly dog breeds?

Dog-friendly holiday letting specialist Canine Cottages has revealed six of the most cat-friendly pooches that make the perfect sibling for a kitty.

The most cat-friendly dog breeds

1. Golden retrievers

One of the nation’s favourite breeds, golden retrievers are incredibly patient and loving dogs, which makes them a great choice for feline friends. Golden retrievers will happily sit back and give a cat the time it needs to settle down, even the most playful or unsure of felines.

golden retriever and cat
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2. Basset hounds

Known for their placid personality and calm demeanour, the doleful-eyed basset hound was originally bred as a pack dog, so they love being around other pets. Their easy-going and friendly nature means they will rarely bother a cat, even the most persistent ones.

3. Beagle

As a hunting dog, you might not think a beagle would be a good cat companion, but they make great feline siblings. Beagles hate being left on their own, so welcome a cat’s company when you’re out and about.

4. Pug

Their small size and gentle nature make pugs one of the most compatible breeds for cats. Pugs are bundles of energy though, so are better off placed with a cat who isn’t overly shy or nervous.

pug and cat
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5. Bichon Frise

Exceptionally loving and affectionate, Bichon Frises will happily show this side of themselves to a kitty companion. They can be known to be clingy at times, so could be overwhelming for a cat who prefers to fly solo.

6. Labrador

A lover, not a fighter, a Labrador will happily accept any other pet in the household. Labradors are trustworthy, gentle and tolerant and it’s because of their loving nature that they make such good companions for cats.

labrador and cat
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Meanwhile, the breeds that are the least cat-friendly include terrors and hounds (including greyhounds, wolfhounds and deerhounds). If you already own cats and are thinking of getting a dog, you might want to avoid these types of breeds as they can be aggressive towards felines.

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