The sellout Missoma chubby hoops are back in stock by popular demand

A pair of good hoops never goes out of style. And while you can get plenty of decorated pairs complete with charms, etchings, and detailing on them these days, you just can’t beat a classic gold hoop — and 2021 is all about going chunky with Missoma Chubby Hoops. 

Missoma’s chubby hoops are the newest arrival to their hoop family and the epitome of 2021 style for more reasons than one. The hoops are 18ct gold plated, with a chunky shape and stud and butterfly fastening. They come in two sizes, depending on how bold you’d like to go; mini for understated style, and medium for more of an impact. 

These hoops are super versatile, given that they can be worn on their own or stacked up with other earrings. While they stand alone beautifully, we think they look pretty fantastic when paired with huggies and studs in other lobe piercings. 


Gold Chubby Mini Hoops, £85, Missoma

And we’re not the only ones who think so; these hoops have been spotted all over Instagram, with a huge list of influencers and content creators rocking them on their feeds. This includes the likes of Anne Laure, Ellie Delphine, Jessie Bush, YanYan Chan and Sophia Roe, to name but a few.

Gold Medium Chubby Hoops, £98, Missoma

The hoards of pictures on Instagram starring these beauties prove just how many ways there are to style them with other jewellery as well as just earrings. These look super cool when worn alongside some layered chain necklaces in gold, for example.  

Oh and if that wasn’t enough to convince you, when the collection launched in February, the chubby hoops sold out in just over two weeks. Bought back again in March by popular demand, the stock sold out again within less than three weeks proving what a winner the style is.

It’s worth investing a little more money into a good pair of hoops, but luckily these guys are still affordable and won’t break the bank too hard. Both under £100, you can pick up the smaller size for £85, and the medium pair for just £98. Sold. 

If you want to get your hands on them, we’d recommend moving fast as we’re sure they will sell out yet again…