Meghan Markle just dropped a big hint about her due date

The nation couldn’t be more excited for the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first child, and now we’ve been given a big clue as to when we can start the celebrations.

Speaking to assembled crowds during her most recent royal visit in Birkenhead, Meghan herself, who was seen cradling her growing bump, revealed that she is six months pregnant, meaning that their baby will likely arrive in April.

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When Kensington Palace first announced news of Meghan’s pregnancy back in October, it was confirmed that the baby was due in spring 2019. No tighter timescale had been specified, but most experts suspected that the reveal was made when Meghan reached the end of her first trimester, at around 12 weeks pregnant – meaning she would be due at the end of April or beginning of May.

The royal mum-to-be’s latest comment will put an end to months of speculation about the due date. Earlier this month, bookies across the country slashed the odds of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby arriving in February, which major chains including Betway and Paddy Power naming February as the most likely month for the birth of the couple’s first child.

Betway’s Alan Alger said: ‘Judging by the latest pictures of Meghan Markle, it looks as if her and Prince Harry’s first baby may not be too far away. In fact, we think it could be next month with February the favourite at 7/4.’

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During the royal family’s annual visit to the Christmas church service at Sandringham last month, pregnant Meghan also made a telling comment to waiting fan Karen Anvil, who then told reporters the details of their discussion, sparkling more rumours that the baby could be born sooner.

Speaking to E! News after their meeting, Karen recalled: ‘She ‘[Meghan] said, “We are excited. We’re nearly there”. ‘I said, “Enjoy every moment, being a mother is a wonderful thing”.’

‘You know what? She was so genuine,’ Karen added. ‘She was doing her duty as a royal with the crowds, shaking hands, etc. But when I asked her about the baby, she changed totally. She was glowing and instinctively went for her stomach. It was lovely.’

Meghan's due date
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Bookmakers initially placed their bets on a March birth for the royal baby, with Ladbrokes previously setting odds for the month at 4/5 after seeing the former actress’ prominent bump. Some even thought Meghan could be carrying a ‘Brexit baby’, who will arrive on 29th March, the date that the UK is due to formally leave the EU.

But of course, no matter when Meghan eventually goes into labour, the speculation won’t end there. After all, there’s still the rather important matter of the royal baby name