Is this why Meghan Markle always wears black?

Eagle-eyed Meghan Markle fans (in other words, all of us) will have noticed that the Duchess of Sussex tends to wear a lot of black.

In fact, she is rarely seen in anything else, so much so that we can keep count on the amount of times we’ve seen her sporting a colourful wardrobe choice – that stunning yellow Brandon Maxwell dress and blush pink Carolina Herrera number at Prince Charles’ garden party this summer being two memorable highlights.

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But why is it that the actress-turned-royal (and all-round national treasure) shies away from bright colours?

As a member of the royal family, there are plenty of wardrobe and beauty rules Meghan has to abide by. For example, no bright nail polish, no fur and certainly no diamonds during the day, according to reports. However, she’s proven that she isn’t one to follow every single rule strictly, having broken royal protocol by exposing her shoulders, or wearing a ‘mini dress’ in the past.

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Though this hasn’t been noticed by many, her lack of colour has. Both the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge are known to colour-block their clothes in a variety of bright shades from red and purple to blue and green. Yet Meghan has yet to join in on the family tradition.

According to colour psychologist Karen Haller, this is likely to be an entirely conscious decision.

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‘Whilst black has many different traits, looking at these specific events she attended they all have one thing in common,’ she said, speaking to Fabulous magazine. ‘The occasions when she is choosing to wear black suggest she isn’t seeking to be the centre of attention. She is OK with being in the background.

‘Black is her way to deflect attention off herself and onto the causes she is supporting – putting them in the spotlight.’

That’s our Meghan, always so selfless.